"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

GFW 2014

For me to be saying that I have two weeks left of Uni related events and that I am at Graduate Fashion Week with the course is a little too daunting. 

The last three years have gone by ridiculously fast and seem to be speeding up even more so. But yesterday was the first day of GFW and after slogging our guts out with portfolios, money and even carrying obscure metal objects (a mans job may I add) up stairs into the Old Truman Brewery - Northbrook is there! On the first floor at stand 17, we have our little corner with a showreel playing some of our best work, including my group Fashion Film from last year (Antigen) which was highly commended at the BFC a few weeks back! 

So anyway, as it's been a little while since a outfit post and we was starving yesterday, me and Hannah took a trip down Brick Lane for a much deserved Beigel. Whilst gorging our faces on the way back we throught it would be a nice idea, minus our proper cameras for once we went back to basics with iPhone snapping!! 

I shall certainly miss my little personal photographer! 

Kimono H&M Top River Island Pants Zara Shoes Boohoo Bag Kenneth Cole (Tk Maxx) Necklace Topshop Sunglasses Forever21 

I was nominated and then short listed for the GFW Photography award, which I was in complete shock over - having never really had any proper/professional training. Sadly, but expectedly I didn't win. Congrats to the top three that did, I'm sure it was fully well deserved! 

So, day one down - back for day two later on!  If you can get to rhe event, please go along, there is some absolutely amazing stands!


Monday, 26 May 2014

JPG: my second French love affair

It's taken me far too long to get around to doing this post but, once again I'm going to play the 'you will not believe HOW crazy life has been' card... But I'm using it anyway! 

About a month ago I went to the Jean Paul Gaultier From sidewalk to catwalk exhibition at the Barbican, it. was. amazing.  Stupidly, I assumed and didn't check in advance about photography, and for once - the one time I didn't have my camera - You could take photos. Typical, I know, so I apologise for the grainy images as all I had was my iphone (even a decent camera wouldn't do it just though to be honest).

Back at school, during my A levels, Gaultier was a main inspiration to my textiles coursework and has always been a designer that I have respected the work of. The 'bad boy' of French Fashion as he's known just fascinates me with the intricate detail, thousands of hours put into one garment and even the risky and fleshy garments. I honestly cant see why you would dislike this breton wearing man! To me, he's the french McQueen..

On the left, I think has to be my favourite look in the whole exhibition. Mohawk Pretty Punk.. Sassy to say the least - I want it!!!

I absolutely adore this image. I cannot explain why, its simple, saucy and just down right perfect. 

I could go on and on about what I saw and what I loved and bombard you with image, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't been. I found it truly inspiring and perfect, even my mum thought it was brilliant and she's been dragged along to some weird things that she didn't always appreciate! 

Please, I beg you, If you have not yet been, you must go - even if you are not a massive fan of this genius' work, just go. The curation, the technology and the facts are just astounding all together. And take you camera.. just go. Now!!!!


Monday, 28 April 2014

Street life - Student life

Life's all a bit over the shop at the moment. I don't really know what's happening but I'm just making the most of trying to enjoy the nice bits of weather we're having and my last few weeks at The Cottage with Hannah. We've been yolo'n a bit and just enjoying things when we can.

Now, these trousers are a bit of a issue. It's a love hate relationship. I love the style and trackie-ness BUT, I wish they were high waisted. They would be so much more amazing and a much more prominent piece to my wardrobe. However, they are not. So I have to improvise and find myself taking them off after a few hours. I shall continue to persevere... Or maybe I'll just start looking for a high waisted pair to fully satisfy my needs. 

At the rate I'm going, I am literally going to turn orange. But I love this little top, I've been eyeing it up for weeks and the Easter Bunny (aka Mother & Father D) got it for me along with a hugeeeeee bunny (chocolate of course). 

Sunglasses Ray Ban // Jacket River Island // Top & Trousers Next // Shoes Topshop

Beth x

Saturday, 26 April 2014

West End Girl

I need sectioning, it's official. Or I need my bank card confiscated, one of the two.  This week I have gone crazy, what with my last ever student loan and grant hitting my bank account and everywhere seeming to be jumping on that with discounts for students, its SO hard to resist.   Or not to resist in my case. 

A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do though and when River Island presents itself with a 20% off opportunity you have to seize life by the horns and frantically buy anything your little heart desires!!

To be fair I have been wanting a proper pair of high-waisted 80s style jeans for ages now. I keep mentally making outfits in my head revolving around them, until now! R.I's 'mom' jeans are da bomb! Sadly, theres no knee rips going on but, give it a few months and I'm sure I'll be reinventing these bad boys. For now, I'm off to the 80's. 

                   In a West End town, a dead end world
                         The East End boys and West End girls
                               A West End town, a dead end world
                                    East End Boys, West End girls
                                                                              West End girls

Jacket River Island // Top Next // Necklace Pull & Bear // Belt & Jeans River Island // Bag TK Maxx // Shoes Topshop // Leather and Metal cuff Valentino

photography by Hannah Byrne @ 7heFile, layout by me.

Beth x

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Maxipeel Madness

Okay. I feel like we've all been here with me saying 'Im sorry, I've been so busy - blahblah blahhhh'. But I have. 

We just had our two week break at Uni, which was much needed due to the stress that built up with our Final Major Project we handed in. I shall blog about it eventually as I was living in a world of all things Pink whilst working on my brand 'Pink Popcorn'. But for now, more importantly.     Back to the fashion!!!! 

Yesterday wasn't a particularly sunny day down here on the coast but the sun was so warm when it was there, it was a battle all day with the haze that was setting in but seems student finance is in and I have OBVIOUSLY been to the shops already...... I braved it.   Your welcome :)

Sometimes I go in H&M and I literally cannot believe the pricing of items; it's brilliant and makes it impossible to resist. For example, this oversized maxi... £7.99.   £7.99!!!!!!!! I know, bargain.  And it is literally so comfy, I love the raw side seam split gonna be a main contender for Summer Beer garden sessions. There are plenty more posts to come with all my new buys!

Sunglasses River Island // Necklace Topshop // Dress H&M // Bag TK Maxx // Boots Topshop

Monday, 17 March 2014

aztec aztec aztec

Today's been a good day. It's sunny and I was wearing orange! Two of the best bits about the weather improving. 

I got this jacket in Zara last year and it's not something I wear regularly but when I do, I always love it. You can't really go wrong with something from Zara! 

I don't really have much to say for myself at the moment other than, things are crazy as always! However, if you do want to see what I am doing with my life have a look at my Final Major project I have been doing at @pinkpopcornvm and www.facebook.com/PinkPopcornVM. 

 Jacket Zara
Vest River Island
Necklace Topshop
Jeans Boohoo
Shoes Topshop


Sunday, 9 March 2014

White Check

The last few days I have been obsessed with my white blazer. I bought it last year for a absolute bargain in Next's discount store, Choice. You can't go wrong with a little rummage, especially when you find pieces like this that'll forever be dragged out of my ma-hooo-sive wardrobes. 

I am fully embracing this sunshine and I want to literally curl up on the beach with a cup of tea and just toast away, I know, it's still a little chilly but it's SO tempting. Whilst I resist all temptation, I shall just continue to make the most of the beautiful backdrop.    Can't believe I only have a few month's left of this front garden we have down here. With all the stress and aggravation of final year, we're pretty lucky really.

Happy Sunday and here's to another week that'll fly by with hopefully sunny rays!!! (Mainly because I forgot my coats back in Essex and will freezeeeee otherwise!!)

Necklaces Kurt Geiger & Accessorize
Blazer Next
Shirt H&M
Leggings Topshop
Boots River Island
Bag Red Herring 

photo's by Hannah Byrne @ 7hefile


Saturday, 1 March 2014

I'm a Rainbow too...

Another day, another distraction. My life wouldn't be what it is if I wasn't finding a way to prevent myself from doing what I should be. Ah well, 5 weeks till the next deadline so I'm sure all can be forgiven, after all....ITS MARCH! and the sun is shining for like, the 4th day on the trot. Surely that's worthy of a little outfit post and a song to most certainly put you in the summer loving mood.. after all, The sun is shining, and the weather is sweet.

I've had this top a couple of weeks now, with the intention of wearing it during my internship. However, as I was getting down and dirty, I thought better of it. So, today it got a fully deserved debut in the Worthing sunshine.

Jacket Second Hand
Necklace Pull & Bear
Leggings & Boots Topshop
Bag Zara

Thanks to Hannah once again for photographing. 


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Boxy Graphics

 It has been far too long since I've graced the beach of Worthing in the sun or even been blogging. Although I had two weeks off Uni and was absent from my little photography Buddy, I was interning and also going insane finishing a project off. But, another one down and I'm back to blog. 

I got this top weeks ago, but just haven't got around to wearing it, but waking up and seeing the sun shining, with not much to do, it was obviously the day to finally wear it! It's crazy to think it's only Feb, but when the sun shines, it actually has some warmth to it.. I cannot wait for the Summer and some time to actually breath! Stress is not good for me... It's time to get this over and done with and get myself back on track!! 

Sunglasses Christian Lacroix
Top & Jeans Boohoo
Boots, Coat and Necklace Topshop

Photography by Hannah Byrne @ 7heFile


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Gustin' Daisy

So, I know I'm not the worlds best blogger, but I do love to do it, and well. I'm slacking again. I know, I know. I keep saying it and doing nothing about it but, can I just at least explain WHY I have been so slack. 

1. I am well busy with Uni work, but I know it only takes two minutes,
but 2. Most importantly, IT IS SO WINDY!!! I do not lie one tiny bit when I say, Worthing is a death trap of gusts at the moment, I can't walk out the front door without nearly being blown over, a seagull fly at me or groups of rowdy/disheartening and slightly crackers men observing in the distance. So. There it is, please... come see Worthing in all its Glory!

Anyyywhoo. Today we managed to brave it, and I've been saving this little number for when the sun actually came out as in my heart of hearts, SUMMERS COMING! (after the snow that is inevitably gonna come sooner or later) But yeah, I saw this online on RTF's facebook page and instantly knew I needed it in my life. And the wonderful ladies there know their customers too well and pointed my mother in the direction of it when she popped in a few days later! So thanks guys!

Here it is, my Summery injection to this drab February...

Coat Primark
Necklace Kasbah
Boots River Island
Bag Red Herring
Sunglasses Ray Ban

Thanks to The Byrney for snapping away in the gale force conditions, pro! Images by Hannah Byrne


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Call me Carrie

 Recently, my love for SJP/Carrie is becoming dangerous. I want to be her. But who doesn't, right? Not gonna lie, I've not always been a fan, but.. Things change! So today I have channelled my inner Pat Butcher/Carrie Bradshaw 80's vibes to the surface for all to see. 

It isn't a usual 'me' shirt. Although, I've come to the conclusion in the last few day's I don't really have a style, and I don't think I care. Sometimes it's good to be the unexpected anomaly in life, and I would much rather that than meeting constant demand and expectations. So this is the latest experiment. And I. Am. Liking it!

I know I seem crazy to be bare-armed on the bitterly front of Worthing's seaside, but Fashion. I respect you THAT much!!!!!!!

Power to the 80's!

Shirt Topshop
Necklace Topshop
Skirt H&M
Coat Topshop
Boots River Island
Photos by Hannah Byrne.


Monday, 20 January 2014

Let the She Wolf see the Beach!

I think the last post, 100%, jinxed the weather. Deepest apologise. But wowah, Was it a chilly start to this morning! It's days like this, that beautiful backdrop we use for our posts, is a total female dog and the icy sting is certainly NOT your friend on a Monday morning. Just saying....

So it was a wrap up in my hug-a-mug beast kind of day today and embrace the sun attempting to escape the prison of clouds overhead. Looking back, I'm not sure how much of a fan I am of my shape in this look, I'm feeling a bit Kim K in the hip department, but I like to think that I am all Woman now. (This only satisfies my inner sadness until I reach tea and chocolate)

Coat Next
Top H&M
Trousers & Boots Topshop
Bag Zara


There's not much more to say at the moment other than I'm drinking tea, eating apple crumble and most certainly avoiding my Dissertation once again. However, I am also in deep thought of what to wear for my next post as there are still items unseen from Christmas! Sorry guys 

And Many thanks once again to Hannah Byrne for the photography!


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Call me Candy

I really do dislike black. And regrettably I have let it dominate my life and wardrobe for a little too long recently. I've had enough of Winter now, and in my books, as Christmas has well and truly been left behind for another 300 odd days, I can start to think about Spring.. and very soon Summer! WOOOO!!

So with my own personal mission in mind, to back off of the black, I have well and truly sugar coated myself, and hell. There might even be a new bargain or two in there! Of course...

It's time to fight back, power to the pantone palette!!! 

Coat, Jumper & Trousers Topshop
Bag Zara
Boots River Island
Necklace Kasbah
Ring Vivienne Westwood

Just for a little cheese, this is how I feel today. With another deadline of University done (10,200 words!!) and a very promising email with exciting prospects..! All fingers and toes crossed will be greatly appreciated!  A very smiley Beth.

Photos by Hannah Byrne 


Monday, 6 January 2014

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

For several reasons I have currently put myself on a virtual 'naughty step'. For starters, this is my first post for this year, secondly for neglecting my blog in the run up to the new year. And thirdly, well. It's pretty obvious I've been shopping...again.

I could say that my New Year resolution is to shop less, but I would be lying (x2), purely for the fact we ALL know I shall never stop shopping, even if my life depends on it and secondly, the whole 'New Year' thing, not my thing this year. Not one bit. So there. That's my excuses, lets get back to what I do best when Uni work needs avoiding and I need to just be me.

Dress   H&M
Jumper   Topshop
Bag   Zara
Boots   Topshop
Ring   Vivienne Westwood
Necklace   Borrowing from my Mum

I only briefly dipped my toe into the sea of sales this year, but the few pieces I managed to grab we're most certainly worth it! Recently, I've felt really mellow and kind of just, drift along in my own little world not taking much notice of things around me. This is the best way to be when tackling sale shopping, I couldn't have cared less! Very weird. 

Anyyyyway. MY sale bargains that shall be featured along side these sassy grey boots and pastel pink jumper consist of, leather pants (I know, HELLO! Olivia Newton John - Nawtttt!!) Purple cigarette pants, and a checked pair of pumps. 

Photography Hannah Byrne @ 7hefile

This totally reflects my life at the moment, I find a seat and just sit. In my own little crazy world, observing, taking note and just staring so far ahead, I can literally lose site of myself sometimes. Snap back to reality and here's the last 5 months of University. Wowah. Where has my life gone?

I'll be back sooner this time, Promise