"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lady In Red

As you'll know, it's final year craziness in my life at the moment. As part of a Competition unit we have had to undergo to build portfolio work and give us opportunities to meet industry standards. I have now successfully completed two Competition briefs with one still to go.  

My latest entry was for Harrods Star of tomorrow; Stylist.  With the deadline being Monday I feel like I can finally share with you my hard work. Im not going to lie, I stressed big time as I was so determined to do well and I did have a mini melt down and decided to reshoot, so I really do have to thank the patience of my model and makeup artist for sticking with me and letting me achieve what I did.

I adopted the theme of Lady in Red as it is rapidly becoming the new black and I kept seeing things online regarding the colour shift that inspired me. It's a striking colour and I think everyone can channel it one way or another. 

As the competition is directed at styling, I wanted to ensure the presentation of my final layout was also stylistically good. I decided to post it to the BFC offices at Somerset House rather than pinging it across in a email. With the dedicated support of my Mum she helped me get together all the pieces that I needed to make it the best I possibly could, whilst also stopping me from going completely insane and supplying a steady stream of tea.

So here it is. I hope you like it! Fingers crossed.. 

Styling, Photography & Layout Beth Dowdell
MUA Emma Dowdell
Model Chanel Shayler


Monday, 9 December 2013

Clutch Craving

I am not lying when I say I have been wanting a statement portfolio clutch bag FOREVER.

And this isn't a jolly post of me going, And I finally have found the perfect one! No, this is me saying, I still need and want one in my life badly, and that I handed in my first final project at Uni today so I am deserving this little break of trawling the internet in hope I find the perfect answer.

I've found a few close contenders, but Nothing is hitting all my buttons, other than a few beautiful yet painfully price ones.

Black Asos Leather Clutch £45
Blue/White Maxi Clutch £97
Red Clutch, flat clasp fastening £19.99
Oversized envelope clutch, black £39
Asos Leather & Felt clutch, £45.00

Two-tone Leather Clutch, Victoria Beckham £425

Santa, If you see this, please work your magic. I've been so good this year. Promise. If anyone else has seen some beauties out there, link me up!!!!!


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

We all got the Spark

Today, we handed in a Draft of our current project.. I have to admit. I feel like I have just finished for Christmas.. I can dream. Still another week to go of Uni for 2013, and then next year, I graduate. Oh god, oh god.

I felt like mixing it up a little today, I couldn't wait to wear this stunning little skirt from Retail Therapy Fashion, click here to see some more of their stuff! Christmas is coming and I can feel that this little scalloped edge, sequin skirt will be making many appearances. I feel so Great Gatsby, even though I still need to watch it, it's very on trend... Believe me ;)

Blazer | Next
Necklace | H&M
Top | River Island
Skirt | c/o Retail Therapy Fashion 
Cuff | H&M
Bag | Red Herring
Shoes | Customised New Look

Im literally in love with a bit of glitz, and even more so during the day than I first thought I would be. Mix it up a little and sparkle with me!!  Next, I think it's gonna be a knitted combo with this baby, keep coming back!!  For a variation of sequin wonders, check out Retail Therapy Fashion for more on Facebook & Online  :)

Photography, Hannah Byrne 


Monday, 2 December 2013

Everyone needs some Retail Therapy...

So, this is a rather special post. After 150 religious posts here at Fashion Against Nudism, I have been asked to blog for Retail Therapy Fashion. I feel very lucky to be doing this as they're a local shop to me, and many-a-time sneaked something new home. 

In my previous post you would have seen my white tartan dress which is also one of their little numbers and now, we have a new shift dress. This isn't the normal cut of a dress that I would go for, usually I'm all about the figure hugging stuff, but I'm actually loving having something a little looser. 


I love the three quarter length sleeve's, in this weather it is not about having too much flesh on show and fa-reezzinnggg every time you step outside! So the extra arm length is fab, today I doubled up with a long sleeve top, sexy, I know. But so necessary. (It's all about the detail zip!)

Today was just a little casual look, but I'm sure you'll see this number featured again for a more sassed up evening approach! Thank you Retail Therapy Fashion for letting me blog some of your lovely stuff and you should ALL go to their facebook page or website to see the new thing's that have just landed in store!

Dress | c/o Retail Therapy Fashion
Coat | Primark
Boots | River Island
Necklace | Topshop
Bag | Red Herring 

Photography, Hannah Byrne.

All for now, back to the grind of InDesign, Photoshop and the world of dissertation writing. Go get ya'selves some Retail Therapy!!!