"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Here comes the Summer Sun...

It's got to that time of year, your alarm goes off. You crawl out of bed, draw back the curtains and instantly your previously gloomy spirit is changed just by the flash of a brilliant blue sky and golden glowing sun. Truly is one of my most favourite things to wake up to. 

Summer to me has a few signifiers that will always be the same.. Sun, occasionally Sea, Pina Colada's, Tan lines and music playing with the roof down. There isn't much of a better feeling after a long hard day of sitting in the sun, working on your tan, when you suddenly realise you've over done it once again, not enough sun cream and you've got pink bits! Then you start to worry about what you can wear that won't rub or sting like a bugger. And thats when the magic happens.. You think up to your new bursting wardrobe full of summer dresses! Which wouldn't be there if you had been sensible and compromised to buy sun cream. All in all. Winner.

So far, River Island have topped the deck for me, although it only March, I love some of the bits they have in, and after sitting in the sun for a while and got some lines already, I'm thinking, I need to start this bursting wardrobe, PRONTO! 

Perfect light weight little number, I stopped several times in my local River Island the other day and "um'd and ar'ed" over this little number. It's ideal for covering up but still keeping cool. Nice little pattern and embellishments just to keep it a little fun. I realllllly want this little number. So simple. 
We still need a going out dress!!!! This cannot be forgotten. It's a little dark for my liking with the warmer days and nights approaching but if your in need of a more sophisticated summer outfit, I think this may be your friend. Fun yet Grown up. 
Lunch time at the pub? I think so. No need for a bra, result and doesnt compromise having to stop tanning, all you need is a beer garden and someone with a wallet.. preferably with cash! Loving the detailing on the top, and still keeping with the drop back skirt. It looks SO soft. 
This reminds me of when I was little on holiday in Greece, I had a obsession with tasselled beach dresses, with something like 'wild child' printed on the front. I never managed to find it again, ebay let me down. But this, a more grown up refined version, which I very much would like. 
Again, a little less play and a little more work, this lighter and brighten dress is simple yet structured and another that wouldnt let me go when I was in store. Not too sure about the blocks of dark print, think it should have been constructed differently but still. Love itttt.

So lets get shopping and embrace our sun burn!!!

Summer's a-coming!

B x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

He's done it again

Well. What can I say, it's only March and Louboutin is still springing out his 20th Anniversary capsule collection. This is down right PHENOMENAL.  At $3995, it's yet another to add to my 'Want List'/also known as the, 'never actually likely to get list'.

I can't actually write anything more about this bag. I can't describe how beautiful I find it... oh but how well would it go with my latest Loubie Booties...

Mr. Louboutin.   I love you more and more each day.

Please stop this torment.

B x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Another Photoshop fiddle...

Im not sure if its from feeling ill or what.... but I have a triple vision thing going on..


With the sun ever so slightly burning through the Southern haze on the coast, I've turned my interest to the patterns that I'm loving and wanting for turning my Summer wardrobe out.

Lets face it, every guy or girl needs some newbies to their collections, and well, Summer is the perfect excuse to do this.. and BST begins next weekend! Bonus. I honestly can find any excuse to buy something new. Now I just need to be able to find the money! Just a minor problem after all...

First up, Missguided..

These shorts have done a few Summers now, I remember originally seeing them in Topshop, 2 Summers ago. But I never did buy them, so I may be a little late but hell, I still want them! I think thats far enough from a impulse buy for sure..

Coralyn USA Denim shorts

Next, the funky Baroque print that really is everywhere,
Love these leggings, good for the Autumn to Spring then swiftly into the Summer transition. Bringing some boldness to your wardrobe, my wardrobe. Probably not the most flattering print for everyone, but, I love a bit of craziness.

Baldina High Waisted Baroque Print Leggings
£12.99 (for that their worth it just for some fun)

Now, River Island..

There's not a Summer without some Hibiscus flowers creeping into the wardrobes. River Island has hit the nail on the head once again and brought us these bold and brass slim leg trousers. Such a great pair for a Summer evening with some Killer heels and a simple yet complementing bold top.

Black Floral Print Slim Leg Trousers

Similar to that of the Missguided print, this saucy little number has a similarity to that of Indian henna design. I do love these though, the pint is beautiful for day or night, not just yet, but certainly over the next few weeks.

Pink Scarf Print Leggings

There are so many more out there, these are just a few of my favourites. Yet the list goes on and so does my wish list. It isn't just the pants either, its spreading, tops, shoes, the lot. Its print heaven this season. So go Shoppinnnnng and make the most of being crazy and let loose!

Enjoy :)

B x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Photoshop Fiddling.

Having done my shoot a week ago, I decided to have a break from some of my report writing and have a quick play on photoshop with some of my more favoured images.

5 Minutes later, I had this.. Just a little something..

B x

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Carrying the Crown

Sarah Burton couldn't have been a better candidate to continue the McQueen house and be able to astound the world with such elaborate yet amazing designs. Having landed herself a apprenticeship with Lee Alexander McQueen whilst training at Central St Martins, it is clear her loyalty is strong with this royal family. 
Having carried the name strong since the loss of McQueen himself back in February 2010, just over two years ago, Burton delivered another brand loyal show in Paris Fashion Week. Consisting of fur, 3D designs and petals and fluff balls engulfing the models. Neutral colours played a big part in Burtons collection, however, fear not there was injections of the signature red and black detailing too. From the eyewear down to the shoes I have grown furthermore fonder of the brand and the ideas pulsating from the passion within the design house. 

A few of my favourites from the collection.

Feminine and Fun

Laser cutting and balls galore. Futuristic levels

living on the edge..

Simply astonishing.


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kanye West; Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2012

I've sat down on my afternoon off to finally get into my Fashion Environment Report, yet I have again been distracted. I finally had access to what I have been waiting for, since Paris Fashion Week began! The reuniting of two of my loves. Fashion and Kanye West's second collection.

With a star studded front row, once again Kanye received a mix of reviews but nothing as harsh as his first collection. Once again, Mr. West landed with a his second Homecoming. Friends and critics showing support included Kim Kardashian, P. Diddy and Anna Wintour, to name just a few.

Kardashian, head to tow in West. 
The 20 look winter collection featured leather, fur and sky high killer heels, the famous models including Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss worked the new, reinvented figure-hugging designs to revive Kanye's name after his previous downfall.

Im slightly reminded of Gaultier at his tamest.. classy and chic with sexy thrown in too.

"I'mma scream so loud for you, 'cos I'm so proud of you.."

It is a biased opinion but I love it. I think the collection, form the shapes and materials to the sole defying shoes are a big hit and up their with some of the bigger designer names.

All for now,

B x


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Second Uni Photoshoot

Today I had my second photo shoot for my current Imaging and Styling unit at University. This one was based working with a 3rd Year Fashion Design student, and to capture their final collection (what was made so far).

Designer: Bleu Pearce
Hair & Makeup: Emma Dowdell
Photographer: Myself
Model: Carina Da Luz

To begin I met Bleu, my designer two weeks ago. We discussed her concept for her collection and it is based around Moroccan influences with a 1950's silhouette, I saw her designs and materials that she was using and then returned the following week to see what she had made so far. Straight away I had idea's of wanting to have a warmth to the shoot and focused on the idea of a bedouin tent concept, but basic. 

To do this, I sourced two types of Organza, in burnt orange and a yellow/gold tone too. I also got a brown/gold two tone taffeta and bought a umbrella prop from River Island. It all came round so quickly but I think the day went really well. Amazing make up done by my sister, with the base of 50's eyeliner flick and red lips but with a fashion twist to keep it modern and up to speed with the concept of the shoot itself. 

I created a backdrop using a adjustable structure and hung the material over the pole and pined into place, as well as experimenting with orange gel's to give warmth to the pictures. Carina was excellent after me chasing her down in College out of no-where, and Bleu even came and supported us and her collection, which she managed to turn out two outfits in time for the allocated shoot time. 

I'm slowly experimenting more and more each time, manual setting and manual focus, lighting, and even with the gels. And I shall continue to develop each time.

Here's some of the photo's, I hope you like them!! 

Thanks guys,

Makeup & Hair

lighting test
 Outfit 1:

 Outfit 2;

B x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Print phenomenon

Trends come and go, but this one is one that's been ruling the roost for a while. Print and patterns is a dominating design in collections in most designers wardrobes. Day, night, and even down to the nails we have, pattern prints are bold, subtle, floral or down right 'buzz out' to the eye.
Not all are everyone's cup of tea but there are some that I can see becoming a guilty pleasure. With summer round the corner, I know my wardrobe is crying for some new additions and a little uplifting craziness like these are what is needed!
Glamour magazine explored further....