"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I did it again. I went shopping. Is there a rehab for this deadly addiction? Cos i need to know to avoid it later in life! Hehehe

To be fair it was a matter of life and death that I graced Lakeside, Thurrock last night. With still no dress and only a weekend to go I NEEDED to find one or all modest would be out the window when I roll up to a wedding naked... + my Carv's. And we all know I'm against this nudism thing.. Anyway so yeah. WOO I FINALLY GOT A DRESSSSS!

However, I'm not showing until I actually wear it to the wedding so you'll have to wait! But it is from Zara.. And I feel a bit Kim Karsashian in it! Here's a little peek at the colours but that's all :)

In other news.. I also got some other bits which one I've been thinking about for literally ages (no joke, atleast since Feb) and the others welllll, they're only Primark and once I saw them I just got too excited, you know how it is!

So here ya go! :)

Zara £19.99

Popart time!! Primark
Skirt £8.00

Hope your all well and Heyyyy! To my new followers, thank you for joining me in all my craziness xx


Monday, 29 April 2013

A Sunday ensemble

So another Sunday working to means comfy, casual but a bit of fun! I'm still mega impressed that I haven't worn the same outfit twice, in two months... So should documented everyday! Personal achievement lol

Anyway, here's my little random look from yesterday, I had a bit of a mare deciding what to wear to be honest :(

Hope your all well, Happy Monday! I'm off to a interview..

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday Style at the Studio


It's been another long day interning, and although its been a bit crazy I've had a good one. I've been interning at The London school of modelling for 6 weeks now and its flown by. I can honestly say I've had a fab time, everyone is amazing and so welcoming... Ill really miss everyone!

But more about that in a few weeks! For now.... Here's a little outfit post of what I wore today!

Blazer, gift
Necklace, H&M
Top, River Island
Trousers, Next
Shoes, Topshop


(P.S. here's a pretty picture of my drive home tonight, I love light evenings!!!)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hocus Pocus

It may be April but today I felt like one of the Witches of Oz today with my new little winkle pickers on!

Bad or good... I'm not sure which but I was also regarded as 'Bad ass Barbie Beth' today... Work on a Saturday seems to make us all a little nutty.

I'm off to see the wizard now,

Originally £65, I paid £27

Take care

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Wedding Wear! AKA. Panic Central

I need some advice, it's not often that I shall ask for it here but I think I could do with some advice from you other fashion admirers, 


Me and my Family have been invited to a Wedding in May, and believe it or not, it will be the first that I shall attend so I am in total awe of what to wear, the hunting has began but obviously being a student and a one time occasion I don't really want to spend a fortune. However, me being me, everything I like.. you can imagine!!!

Please reign me in if you think I'm off the mark of suitability for a wedding.

I've had a little search online as I've already seen some that I adore, mainly coming from Ted Baker. Have you seen there new/current collection!?!?! I AM IN LOVE. I literally had to crawl away when I was in Bluewater the other day, its fresh, clean, pretty and just damn right stunning. Annoyingly the one that I fell in love with, literally love at first sight, isn't on the website so I can't share my deep desire of the £199 goddess. BUTTTTT, there is a similar one! Here it is......




This is literally the smallest snapshot of some of the little treasures that are in stock.. But thats just my first look! Other then that, there's just a few others that I kind of like... Why is it so hard to just find a nice dress at a nice price! I will panic soon, beware and Watch This Space!!!

Everything is too long, short, patterned,      I need help. 


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bag lady

I'm a bit like a crazy cat lady.. But with bags, all my life even my friends through school always expected me to have a different bag. Clearly it's my 'thang. I just can't help it, I do like a big bag and most of the time it has to be a little 'different' as I like something a bit fun and nearing minimalist eccentric(?) Annyyywayyyy

I got one a few weeks back, bright red,fringing.. Standard really but I was in Bluewater the other day and decided it was time to change again. And I've gone totally subtle. Possibly even boring?!


£50 (£45 with student discount!)

Monday, 15 April 2013

I love these sunny days!

Hello all!

I've become terrible at blogging :( I am so sorry, life has been too hectic, between interning having several illnesses and writing a essay my brain is rapidly cracking!

I keep attempting to do outfit posts and then realise I never actually get around to uploading and posting.. I promise I will sort my life out soon!

So anyway, here's a little ootd post from Saturday as it was another beautiful day before I headed off to work. Im in the mode of reusing and reinventing everything at the moment to change up my looks for work with out costing me a load.. However, hello student finance... Your back <3 Its been a while and I'm sad to say I am thoroughly excited to get my shop on!!
Current list of intention;

- Dress suitable of a May wedding
- Spring/Summer shoes
- Plain skirt
- Simple tops to jazz up
(I'm sure they'll be much much more but I have to be sensible)

So here's Saturdays look

Sorry about my face, it was so bright I ended up squinting!
Top H&M
Skirt H&M
Shoes Topshop
Love this little glittery clip my mum got me!

Take care bloggies