"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Its been a while

I can't believe how long its been since I have last blogged, I have missed it and my obsessive ways. But no fear, I am back.

It's been a little crazy, my first year of university is all wrapped up and well, still awaiting grades (the usual now).  I've been to Graduate fashion week and got a lot of inspiration, along with a insight into up coming Macro trends at the WGSN talk (http://www.wgsn.com/).  I helped out at front of house at the Northbrook College and Bournemouth fashion show and it was amazing to see the girls we had worked with recently have such positive feedback and a welcoming response into their new lives.

As always my past few weeks have consisted of spending money, whats new? WELL... things in my wardrobe to be precise :)   Booked myself a holiday for the end of August to Tunisia, this means one thing. The hunting has begun.

This is already well on its way to me, it was fate. I saw it in Company (http://www.company.co.uk/) so instantly got on line to M&S, yes M&S.. (http://www.marksandspencer.com/) and it was sold out. I was so gutted.   A few days later I checked again and was about to start ringing all local stores and there was one, just the single one in my size. Speed took control of my fingers and it was ordered! :D 

Next up, again this is already ordered. I saw it in a email H&M sent me, and i knew if I didnt order straight away, it would sell out and my life would not ever be the same again. So, click, click, click. Bang. Bank -£24.99. BARGAIN! (http://www.hm.com/gb/)

Theres plenty more that I'm wanting, as always. But I'm gonna try hold off till I'm earning from the work I will be doing at the Olympics. In the mean time if anyone is in the know for lightweight beach style trousers... I'd appreciate the heads up! 


B x

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Collaboration Creations

We often see stores and designers join together to give us something unforgettable, H&M often collaborate with designers. Starting back in 2004 with Karl Lagerfeld, since then other guest designers have included a Stella McCartney collection by Dutch Duo, Viktor and Rolf (2005), Madonna (2007), Roberto Cavalli (2007) and continue to stride forward with the likes of Versace and Marni in 2011.

But it isn't just the high street of H&M dominating each year with another big name... Champagne makers Piper Heidsieck have collaborated with none-other than my man, Christian Louboutin! The exclusive box set includes a bottle of champs and a glass shoe. (2009)

However, a favourite of mine is the Coca Cola collaborations. Limited editions of Coke bottles for all sorts of reasons. Last year when I was in Paris, they caught my eye, displayed in a bus shelter, with none other than the lord, Karl Lagerfeld plastered across them, in 3 different designs.

You really should take a look at all the bottles they do, it's amazing, I always think of a glass coke bottle in a foreign country when on holiday but with these lovelies (http://www.cocacolacollectibles.co.uk/all-bottles.html) not no more! There's more to coke now-a-days.

all for now, just a little entry

B x

Monday, 4 June 2012

"Just Arrived.."

These words will always be the ones that haunt me every time I get a email from Topshop, River Island, Next, Zara.... any. They're all the devil in me and tempt fate to the extreme.

So today, that little Devil is River Island. Boy oh Boy. They do it so well.  Wanna see the temptations so far, your going to anyway!


The Pink Bow Peep toe espadrille's..

     With any luck it will soon stop raining and Summer WILL return to our lives. The pretty yet bright canvas shoe is a simple step to Summer with every little shuffle you take in these. want want want want want want!!!!! £15.00 (BARGAIN)

Black Python Print Print Bikini (top)..

    If I was jet setting this year, this would totally already be bought and in my suitcase. It is SO cute. The frilly detail is excellent for those, like my self, a little light on the chest department. The subtle print and soft blending colours are lovely. Even get away with it with some denim shorts and a cute waist coat for sightseeing!  £20.00

Mid Wash Denim Union Jack Print Waistcoat

    Now this item, I don't think I can keep my bank closed. It is lovely. With tiny cap detail on the raw edge sleeves and union detail on the pocket and one side of the body. Certainly a buy to chuck on in the Summer and during the festival season. Might even try making my own.. Sorry River Island, but I like your style, just not at £35.00.   (pssstttt. there's even matching shorts!!!!!!)

Grey Aztec Print Platform Ankle Boots.

These chunky beasts are probably not the best for the Summer, getting hot feet and all, but in the mean time with this grim cast over we have, I think that these should be bought just to... well. Just because. I love the design and the block heel is great to keep you steady, just that platform at the front opposes the idea. Shame they are £85.00..

I like this new method of mine... Rather then spending any buying everything I really need... okay, want! I shall blog and blog until I feel that the babies are mine. Simple! There's plenty more I could show you, however, by now, I am sure that you're heading there right now..

Go on, see what tempt's you too! There's always something, and we do deserve it after all. www.riverisland.com

B x

Friday, 1 June 2012

Jubilee Junction

All things British are everywhere we turn at the moment, and if you can't beat them... you join them, right?

Once again, I'm sat looking online after seeing the latest offers and money back temptations on quidco.com. So this time, temptations took me to the place of Missguided Fashion (missguided.co.uk), where Patriotism pulsating from my web page, tickling my fancy, but luckily its too late to order for our Jubilee BBQ sunday! My bank is safe for now..

However, let me show you the beauties that caught my eye anyway. First of all, don't judge to early, I do love a little randomness and crazy fashion. Everyone is allowed a little fun sometimes, just don't wear them all at once!

All I can say to these platform monster is Geri from the 90's. Can't guarantee you could wear them for very long but I'd give it a very shot.. The Frenka Union Jack Shoe Boot comes in at £40.99 and is Faux suede with 6" chunky heel to support you with your Jubilee jitters. With limited sizes left, I'm still tempted to grab a pair and wear them in the summer for a funky touch to a simple outfit. 

I saw these Union Jack Denim Shorts earlier this week, and got to placing them in the check out when I quickly thought... I have already bought two pairs of Levi 501 shorts. Do I really need another pair? YES was the answer, well... is now the answer, my conscious took over too soon. And now its too late. However, the Festival's are-a-comin! For £24.99 they may be a late addition to my summer wardrobe. With a frayed edge and small spandex content they'll be mega comfy to wear.

A simple sassy addition to any girls wardrobe, more of a evening dress then the day but either way its lovely. Clean cut, plunging neck line and capped sleeves to give a modest feel to the sexy neck line. A bodycon fit for £25.99 is well worth it. 

The Barsie Suede Bar front slipper is so simple yet elegant they are on the top of my want list. They're not so vibrant that its over powering, yet it might also be a little difficult to team it up with anything else thats red. Who cares. Buy away!!!!!!! 

So now the little devil in your head (me) has tempted you.. click to www.quidco.com then search for Missguided!!

B x