"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Festival Fancies

So, this bank holiday weekend I went to Cheshire for a festival called Creamfields.. Many may say that when camping in a field, knee deep in mud, its not about being fashionable, or so my boyfriend told me when I was packing my 4th bag for the 3 days, however. I disagree.... as will many. Festivals are fashion.

River Island laced wellies. Saviours of the weekend!

Anyway, while I was there, lots caught my eye, including these three girls..

Even after a night in the damp muddy fields of cheshire, still looking awesome.

All graced with the comfort of Hunters to protect against the squelching mud, trampled by thousands these girls were dressed from head to toe in fashionista favourites. Due to excessive noise levels I couldn't chat with the girls much about what they wore but I could spot my favourite pieces a mile off. 
Summary of pro's and con's of each girl:
Girl on the left: Loving the whole outfit, knitted crop baggy jumper with the high waist orange/red shorts work great with the wellies, keeping it casual but she effortlessly added a little glam by tying in the colour of the bag with her knitwear and the bling on the glasses keeping the overall look fresh. Love it! 
Middle girl: Same hunters as before but this time the smallest of the ladies teamed hers up with a small floral printed playsuit, nothing to amazing but it pretty. However, for me, her show stopped was the  tassel knitted waistcoat. It looked as though it might have been a Topshop buy but this young lady pulled it off! If only she hadn't used the pink velvet should bag..
Girl on the Right: Impractical? Hell no, she just loves to look good. For starters I understand her need of the wellies, hunters again and the 70's style straw hat as a must due to two days of unwashed hair. She really did consider it all. I loved the shiny high waisted hot pants but not necessarily for the festival itself, but the sheer black embellished kimono jacket looked amazing with all the lighting in the festival.    
I really would say these girls had it all, they wore it all amazingly well and stuck it out like the best of us!

Keep it feisty you felines 

photo by Beth Dowdell...       Creamfields, 2011

B x

Thursday, 25 August 2011

All for a pair of boots...

It never is just the one thing that you go out for, is it? Well, it never is for me.   £60 later, and what with not having a job at the moment, it probably wasn't the best idea to go my local H&M.

I am general H&M shopper but this Autumn.. their collection it awesome! The cuts, shapes and colours in the collections are varied and something for everyone.
My 60 quid splurge 
So my little spree resulted in;
one cotton shirt
a "high heels, high hopes" viscose vest
elasticated black ankle booties
small black bag with a tassel zip
and a pair of feather earrings and a necklace to match (these we're most definitely essential for my festival goings this weekend!!)
I must admit, it did brighten up the miserable day! 

Now, I'm currently eying up the poncho's they have on sale, beige or burgundy?! Serious dilemma I'm thinking.  

Finally, I highly recommend a look online if you haven't already at the collections they are offering! The boots come in black and brown and are SO comfy!  Enjoy


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Straight to the Street..

I was out and about today and ended up in Borehamwood, while I was there doing my thing I saw a couple of things including some people that I thought had that savvy street style!

Fresh faced and just up the road from Reading, 21 year old Aston was in her comfy, casual gear whilst shopping. She wore a pair of brogue's from Schuh, where she is a sales assistant on the weekend, along with a small camel coloured Miss Selfridge purse. Partnered with a 'on trend' knitted jumper, full prep for the closing in Winter! Loved it.

Next is 19 year old Laura. Simple yet brilliant. She wore a Barbour style New Look light weight coat with dark jeans and ankle boots. But the perfect hair cut and delicate, beautifully embellished pull-cord bag made the outfit. 


I managed to snap away at a few other style monkies whilst out on the streets today. First up is the lad above with the cuff ankle camel chino's which look great with the dark quilted jacket. Works perfectly and looks effortless.

Mods & Rockers? Teddy Boy's? Sorry, are we in the Noughties still?
Theres nothing like a good ol' pair or rolled up drain pipes, woollen socks with vintage loafer and a knitted sweater, with a rather full head of hair, this young man looks the part. 

Until next time,

B x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Colour Block

Sorry to not have posted in a while, been a busy bee.   What with Summer coming to an end and all the Autumn/Winter collections encroaching in the stores I though on a sunny day last week to have one last splash of colour before returning to my knitted preppy jumper and black boots!! So I rummaged and settled on the above..
Fuchsia Pink blouse; New Look
White & Gold flip flops; New Look
Army green skirt; H&M
Orange bag; Valentino 

Nothing like brightening up the last of the drizzling summer!

B x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Street style? Being a actress isn't always glam. Especially when your character is put in some less-attractive clothes on set down a seafront.  Heather Trott of Eastenders back a couple of months ago
Cheryl Fergison
Grey leggings teamed with bright pink leg and arm warmers wandering along the seafront is enough to make anyone do a double take.  Wonderful women with a full hearty sense of humour. 

I pray for the day her character can dress 'normally'.

B x

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

And so I was a Grecian God for the evening.

So when it comes to a evening out after tanning yourself on Holiday, the only conclusion to come to is the dangerously crisp white dress. My little Grecian style jersey number was a bargain I got in New Look. Extremely comfortable and can'y go wrong, especially with the Leopard print platforms, again New Look, I added on to retract the 'goddess' comments that would later be made. 

It is official, Shoes MAKE an outfit...
Myself and my friend Sam

B x

Monday, 8 August 2011

2 weeks later.

I haven't been around much recently, I've travelled a little, to Cuba and back.
What a experience. I witnessed many things I thought I would never see and also beautiful sights.
Guardalavaca, Cuba

Whilst away I considered my summer project I was set called 'The Word'. Time to get cracking, I've added some photo's, also with a shot using my fisheye I  got before I went away, as promised