"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

A evening with Christian and Paula

It's when your in the presence of a god that the worlds hustle and bustle, especially on a warm summers evening in london, drops a few decibels, leaving your undivided attention left on the sole importance.

As the cameras began to roll and the audience shuffled excitedly, sipping on the mini mo√ęt they'd been greeted with and the surprise of a free Grazia. It certainly started off on the right foot.

Then he appeared, dressed immaculately, and of course in a pair of his own design, he's cheeky smiled warmed the room (not that it needed it) and microphones were attached.

Paula smiled and settled, free of nerves it seemed and with her black rimmed glasses, immediately enhancing her intelligence and took control of what I imagine to be a highly nerve-racking moment of her career. But the friendly chit chat began, having previously met Christian at his Paris apartment, she showed no sign of nerves and spoke first of his childhood, his young fascination with his local museum and as he grew older the show girls.. Birds of paradise in his life. Elongated and elegant. He wanted to adorn the species that dances before him.

And so the genius we know today was born. Working with designers for a few years, Louboutin later decided he no longer wanted to work for others, so obviously there was just one option for such a talented young man. Garden landscaping.

Who would have knew.. And it was all because of Christians fascination with one lamp that a friend told him to start designing again and create his own line. This friend... God number 2.

After the gentle chat subsided and time had flown by, questions were opened to the floor and we all began to fidget and squirm as God's eye was turned out to us, the cheeky grin and soft gaze fell to a woman just in front of me first. A question came to light of if he would ever collaborate? And surprise surprise, H&M have already approached and asked the genius themselves. To which Christian decline respectfully. He does not believe such quality can be achieved with limited cost and resources and does not want to neglect his designs! This I am glad of, he does not need to fall into the mass flooded market of the high street.

Next was the acknowledgement of would he further his talents to a clothing range, but modesty acknowledged the fact his skills laid solely within the foot department and he would stick to what he knows.

Finally, we all chuckled with Christian's story of being approached for a fragrance line, he specifically said no yet was pursued for some time, until one day, his final retort was 'okay, on one condition... I call it fungi'!!!! From that day, he has he left alone!!

It was such a lovely few hours of friendly chat and enlightening us into such a astounding persons life. When leaving, we walked along the river and across the bridge in the evenings warm rays of early summer sun.

I will now recall this night as our second meeting. It wont be long now until Christian realises I AM his muse.

B x

Monday, 21 May 2012

First Blog for Internship at e-closet

So last week I started my Summer Internship at E-closet, a new business thats aim is to help re-sell unwanted vintage and high end fashion items. It's a amazing concept and I shall keep you all posted and link you to all the online accesses once they're up and running! Not long now.

Anyway, so I created a blog post for the closet regarding summer must haves home or away! So here it is...

"The time of year has come again where the envious beast in us reveals ourselves with people name-dropping of their chosen destinations of the summer travels rapidly approaching.  And lets face it; a holiday only means one thing to us. A new wardrobe!! There’s always a few must have’s that we find ourselves frantically purchasing.

This year, whether you’re jetting off to St. Barts or down to Cornwall for a long weekend, you need some of our essentials.

The slinky bikini is out and the fabulous one piece is back (along with more detailed modest bikini selections of course). The crazier the detail and style the better, although this is not a great hit for our tan lines... but we can work around that, just you watch. Check out Asos from some serious alternative bathing suits.
River Island
River Island

We all need to shy away from the sun sometimes, and the clouds if you’ve stayed put here for the jubilee or Olympic celebrations. And for that, well what can trump a loose fitting white shirt. The base to any wardrobe to be able to fully function. Slip it on over your cossy for lunch or when the clouds roll over as a slight windbreak, white’s the perfect colour for non-clashing cover-ups. Any good retailer will stock a white shirt, but for something a little different or adventurous cuts visit The Shirt Company.  

The Shirt Company
This summer it’s all about the neon colours, but if your wanting to be on top form with the rest of the fashion world, adorn yourself with all things orange. From shoes to bags, it certainly is a must have. Why not try a sassy cut swimsuit in a bright orange, amazing with a golden brown tan.

When the evenings roll in and the sun finally sets, the dresses come out to play. Whether it’s shimmering in metallic tones or pretty paisley, there are many of choices ready for a girl to get the locals talking.

Or if you don’t fancy glammin’ it up in some lavish dresses every night of your holiday why not try out the Pyjama pant? Comfy, yet it can be made classy with the right top and accessories. I advise a brightly patterned wide leg, with a tight fitting, preferably strapless top and a large heavily embellished necklace. Add a small pair of heels and a clutch. Well on your way to casual chic.



The bohemian is back, with a bang! The paisley prints, wide brim floppy hats and crochet crawling back into fashion, it’s the perfect holiday look. Team it all up with some serious jewellery like our turquoise golden clasp bracelet and you’re ready to go, day or night.

So this summer, don’t think your current wardrobe will suffice, go out and experiment. If that’s not usually your style or ‘thing’, what better place to try it out than on holiday and just wait for the jealousy to be rolling in when your friends see the holiday photos and just how fabulous you’re looking."

Friday, 11 May 2012

Oh, Britannica

Saturday the 5th I was in London visiting some exhibitions and doing some general spending once again. Before leaving for the city, I had a look online to see what was happening along with my visit to the Christian Louboutin retrospect. I discovered there was a Britannica exhibition in Selfridges department store on the lower ground floor. The exhibition was a focus on 1951-1953 in association with Vogue and the special issues they had released during the 50's between the Festival of Britain up to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.   Focusing on British fashion of the post-war style and culture.

The exhibition focused on the Vogue issue of Champagne Pink! which was a recurring feature due to the colour representing the English Rose, Princess Elizabeth. In '51 Vogue Patterns held a show at Selfridges which later would travel up and down the country. 

All seven outfits in the exhibition portray one woman, one woman throughout her day with 5 changes in one day along with 2 optional weekend outfits. The room was laid out into key times in the day along with a large clock at the centre to show a lady's structure and formality to a day. 

Vogue Patterns

Britain at its Best

B x

A London Love affair

It was just another day, continuing my love affair, I’m not ashamed nor am I in the wrong. It’s just one of those things that your partner willing accepts knowing nothing more will come of it, just a unhealthy fixation.

From the classy patent peeps to a dark fetish feline, I couldn’t help but let my inner naughtiness thrive with every step I took in the wrong direction to Loubi heaven. A place of breaking boundaries; pushing normality and well, clicking excitedly towards a shoe-seum situated on the edge of the brisk rain stricken Thames.

With anticipation building, we climbed up to the first floor, passing Louboutin’s hanging in trapezes, suspended shoes circulating, enticing and intriguing all those around. From the process of construction to final extravagant shoe, you are taken on a carousel from beginning to end.  On entering the signature red was greeting us on shoe blocks hanging high up to the ceiling opposite to an introduction in text.

The dimly lit rooms entwined like a maze, following it round with silhouettes of shoes projected onto the walls. Every little detail had been considered, to the screw heads of the stands, encrusted with a wooden red sole. Temptation to touch was far too much, yet I resisted due to the distraction of the holographic burlesque woman situated on the centre stage surrounded with shoes in shell spotlights projecting price and posture across every wall.

Christian loves to experiment, whether it’s using bark for boots or mackerel for slip on’s. A personal favourite for me are his Goatskin Puck boots (2011-2012). The curled up winkle toe point, crisp white fur with, obviously, the signature red lacquered sole. Such a soft touch and a platform to teeter on, it amazes me how Monsieur Louboutin manages to brainwash us women into the obscenity of the height of such contraptions. I sound like I’m complaining, but give me these any day and I shall be the happiest girl alive. The feeling when wearing such shoes is ‘fruity’ to say the least, with a cheeky and sexy feeling no one can take you down.

The 2007 fetish corner was lurking at the back of the room, lingering behind the black curtain, hiding away from the initial glance, similarly hidden like a individuals inner sin’s. Waiting to be drawn out and played with. Partial nudity and extravagant designs safely behind dome cases, these designs are not for the faint hearted. Spotlights on and photographs hung, weaving amongst these shoes, it makes your think that the mackerel covered slip on’s are actually a safe bet.  From ballet style point shoes to Siamese connected stiletto’s at the heel, the thought itself is painful to see a way in which you need to morph yourself into them.

As you work your way through the surroundings of the fetish collections your lead through to a recreation of Louboutin’s Paris atelier, with tools used by the genius himself, pattern pieces and cut leather with a compass point down along with his work. Louboutin barbies, creative chaos and pictures from his artistic work, along with his personal trapeze and mini trampoline, which apparently Christian Louboutin may sometimes take a little bounce on whilst searching for inspiration.

With holograms, show reels, timelines and replica places related to Christian Louboutin the retrospect, I say this being biased, is phenomenal, especially for a small cost (£9-£11). The only negative to the retrospect really is that there is nothing free at the end; a complimentary pair would have been excellent. But in the mean time, I shall continue this love affair as an inspirational, guilty pleasure but nothing more that.