"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Crystal collar

Finally I have clambered on the bandwagon of wearing a detachable collar. It's been a long period of admiration but I've never stepped up an treated myself to one. However things have now changed as my sister got me one as part of my Christmas present, and a little top to team it up with! So now, it's collar crazy and I want another!

It's so cute, a little cream Topshop number with embellishments of beads and gems, it does up with a simple little double popper and sits perfectly! I love it... Thanks Em!!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day trudge

After a pretty dismal Christmas day (weather wise) our poor doggy was needing to be set free and have a good gallop to burn off his turkey dinner... as did I. So, layering up, obviously featuring some new things I got previously the day before, we headed out for a trot.

Wellie Boots; River Island
Shorts; Levis
Scarf; Ralph Lauren
Jumper; Retail Therapy
Jacket; River Island

Headband, Gloves and earrings; Gifts

A closer look at the tiny skull earrings

And finally, Archie showing that he's so clever he manages to now carry three sticks at once in his tiny mouth! Sporting a union flag collar, red lead and silver bone name tag.  Cutie! 

Happy Boxing day, I hope you are still enjoying the holiday period and making the most of it! Anyone ventured to the sales yet?! 

All for now, 


Pre Christmas visits..

On Friday I finally got to see two highly anticipated exhibitions. In short, one exceeded all expectations and the other, although highly technical and good.. Slightly disappointing! More from the point of I hadn't heard of half of the films!!

First of all, I went to Somerset house to see the Valentino exhibition. Oh wow. We trekked through the entrance past all the keen skaters to te embankment wing before entering the vast glass doors into the reception. The staff were not too prompt and gradually checked our tickets before we continued through to the timeline of the couturier stencilled onto the walls higher and higher above, it was interesting to see key factors of the establishing brand, from the very beginning to the present day.

Below the factual feature walls were glass cabinets full of varied Valentino artefacts including original invites sent to celebrities, one being Liza Minnelli, to catwalk shows for new collections and personal letters from clients thanking and applauding the master craftsman ship. Other cabinets held photographs with friends and clients along with newspaper clippings of press coverage. All originals and in a little tatty condition, but their was something comforting and intriguing about it.. I loved it. After climbing the spiral glass staircase looking out over the room below and huge butterfly & flower projection the next room was filled with such phenomenal gowns its indescribable.. Truly you need to see it for yourself to appreciate the intricate detail and couturier level techniques. Even to the way the collections were presented with a catwalk centre and chairs laid out facing in with small little plaques with names emblazoned on them, in special reserve for the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Annie Lenox, Liza Minnelli and Kate Moss.

After the excitement and thirsty work of drooling over such stunning work, it was time we had some food and a bottle of wine, so me and the mother set off to pizza express and then the South Bank Christmas market that was so lovely with all the twinkling lights, festive smells and decorations. It was heaving with crowds of people getting into the festive spirit as we whizzed along and off to the V&A for the Hollywood costumes (which there was a lot that I had never heard of!!)

We had our prepaid tickets finally after missing out several times due to the popularity of the exhibition and it was still packed when we finally got in to the designated rooms. The old fashioned movie boards with introductory text and projection methods onto glass screens was so creative. The curative methods were so fun and innovative, with the projection desktops and screens with mini interviews next to chosen pieces such a Sweeney Todd and a CGI talk on Avatar they even used small screens to have character faces on the mannequins to complete the outfit.. Making it much more believable. It really is another must visit just for the experience alone!

Here's a few pictures from our afternoon out and about!

Valentino at The Somerset House

By far, this is my most favourite dress. layers of organza with a lace and embellished dress.

Cutest little Couture bible, item descriptions and glossary of terms, so handy whilst learning about the craft!

Crossing over to South bank 
South Bank Market
Me & Mum at South Bank Market/London Eye

V&A, Hollywood Costumes

The Sweeney Todd section with the projectors emblazoning across the surfaces

And finally, the V&A's sugar rush tree..
Merry Christmas Everyone, hope you've had a lovely few days  

Sunday, 16 December 2012


So this is one of my most recent purchases. Another grey item?! Not sure about this solemn colour I seem to be sporting so much this winter, but I'm going with it!

Anyway, this is just a little snap shot of the jumper dress. It's beautifully soft and such a unusual design. I will admit not the most practical but if you have a poncho to throw over its perfect with layers!!
I bought it a little local boutique in Billericay called 'Retail Therapy'. They often have some real treats! Next on my list from there is a nautical parrot jumper... Santa?

Anyway. Here's the dress. £35 also came with a optional mini chain belt.


(Ps, Im sorry if I look drab, I haven't been well the past week)

Bella Freud,

Since I first clapped eyes on this little collaboration, its always been the deepest desire of mine. One day we will be united. Forever. And live happily Ever After! 

Someone please treat me! 

Heart Shoe Boyfriend Jumper. Christian & Bella. A/W 11; Fetish.

Visit and see the bigger selection here


Party Pieces

Once again, we have officially hit party season. Whether it be the Work Xmas do, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, any kind of Eve, we don't really need a excuse to glam up in December. I decided to look else where at what was on offer this year, not that I really have the need of a beautiful dress, I have my New Year Eve outfit sorted, my best bargain to date (Wait and see it in the New Year post that there will undoubtably be).

So, anyway. I picked Karen Millen (see here) as my little party sampler. And, well. They haven't disappointed, so much variety in styles, cuts and colour you really are spoilt for choice. Due to this, I've picked a top 5 of my favourites. Unfortunately, 4 our black, but my. They certainly are not boring! And even better, they're currently offering Dresses, in association with ELLE. Use code DRESS20.    (Your Welcome :) )

So.. What are we thinking of the line up? Number 1; a strong, structural Art Deco reminiscent satin-stretch pencil dress. The strapless feature gives a beautiful elegant neckline all for just £175. Number 2;  the full-skirt organza and baroque embroidery with cut out design is perfect for the party season with the black and gold ensemble. £235. Number 3; the fast selling, truly stunning metallic gold lace mini-mesh dress is only left in size 6-8. If thats you, get it NOW. I cannot elaborate how much I love this. It's perfect on every level, just the price to pay.. £210. Number 4; for the more 'snazzy' evening this satin bejewelled maxi is encrusted with just the right amount of shimmer, with a above the knee split the easy movement is all you could ask for in this Limited Edition sweetheart. £395. And finally. Number 5; the monochrome party stopper. This is the dress to stop everyone in their tracks and to turn heads. I'm in love. The cut out detail and contrast panelling, incorporated with beaded embellishments, there are no more words than... BUY IT! I can't, so you must. £395, thats all! 

They're plenty more out there to choose from but this is just a taster from me.

So for now, get hunting and enjoy! Let me know if you dabble :)


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Watch O'clock...

For years I have been telling myself I need to grow up and get myself a watch rather than relying on my phone constantly for the time, or asking someone else! However, I am a little fussy. I went through the Toy Watch stage and had the odd one here and there but seeing SO many beautiful ones around at the moment, or maybe I'm only just starting to appreciate them now that I am 100% a adult (boo). Especially when working and hopefully when my placement take place, I'll need a trusty watch. So either way, I keep looking, and I keep admiring.. Its the only thing that I've really mentioned that I'd like for Christmas. But in the mean time, I thought I'd just collate some pretty things for us all to admire and unite with some serious arm candy.

I'm looking on The Watch Hut as they offer good prices and sometimes even money off the RRP! There is also a 'Price match' option on the website thats really handy!

Fossil Ladies Fashion Watch 

Tiny clear crystals embedded around the watch face with tonal colours of brown and gold on the face as well as on the bracelet. The modern look is complete with the date, day and 24hour small dials on the centre.  

£98.75 (RRP £125) Click here to see more...


Karen Millen Stone Set Watch

The bracelet style watch is timeless with its stainless steel strap and stone set dials, along with being set around the face of the watch. For me personally this would be a much better choice as I wear a lot more silver than the golden tones of the Fossil one before.

£100 (RRP £125) Click here to see more...

Two tone Ladies DKNY Bracelet Watch

Now this DKNY two tone is a perfect answer to my adolescent wrist candy queries. Silver and the rose gold with a small addition of brown on the watch face. The simplicity of the face is a little boring but the strap detail is lovely. It's even water resistant up to 50meters!

£117 (RRP £135) Click here to see more...

I could go on forever more regarding all the variations out there that I love but I think it is only fair to leave it on this stunning Michael Kors number..

Michael Kors Ladies Watch

With a resin strap and cream dial and face, it reminds me of a shell, polished up and crafted into this. The multiple dials again give a hint of sophistication, yet are subtle with the colour ways.

I really this. Its just too lovely, imagine it with a little black jacket.. Oh it's picture perfect!

£146.15  (RRP £185) For more, go here..

Go, Go, Go! There is much, much more to be discovered. Enjoy!


Friday, 7 December 2012

Fashion Futures

The first project back to University has been... interesting, to say the least. I have enjoyed it testing myself and using new programmes, it's always good to explore new software and having that sense of achievement when you pull it out the bag!  So it was a Fashion Futures project, where we had to study/research current news and features over our Summer break and then take a lead and predict where we can see a trend emerging in the future.   I focused of technical advances, smart fabrics and the need to cocoon and protect against the environment. It was tricky to get going and creating solid idea's, and even more so backing them up, but I got there in the end and I am actually happy to say that I think I've done okay. So here's my work, I thought you might like to see the finished pieces... Also, IF anyone can help with how to embed a SWF file(?) I'd really appreciate it so you can view the interactive site!!! Would love to hear your comments.

Thank you, take care


Editorial Layout Design.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pinkie Perky

Just a shortie..

I was feeling cheeky with my pink tints today. It was so chilly and neutral all round, I just had to splash some colour... Im the original Pink Lady

(sorry about the quality, iphone image)
Lipstick, Kate Moss (Rimmel) Nails, Orly (Purple Crush) Eye Liner, Maybelline (

Keep vibrant my pretties


Monday, 3 December 2012


Im just settling down to do some work for the afternoon, and once again, the High street's emailers have got me. 'Sale'.. you cannot resist those words! Well, I can't, there's always some extremely worthwhile bargains that will call out to us. Guaranteed.

So. Here's whats haunting me at the moment from just clicking that fatal link!


Originally £49.99, this little black jacket is gorgeous. The neck line, hidden zip and waist belt all work so well together, and now only £25.00 with sizes 8-16 left in stock, I can't believe that it hasn't sold more! Click HERE to go grab yours!   

I have a real weakness for patterned trousers/matching tops and bottoms at the moment, yet I still haven't braved into wearing it. Although these Burgundy tailored low rise trousers are perfect for me to step into that 'zone'. £34.99 now down to £20 with sizes 8-12 and 16 left in stock. (These would look AWESOME with the above jacket!!!)  Click for your size now

There is such a huge selection thats been added to their sale line. Shoes, accessories, lingerie and more. There is even the Margeila collection with crazy money off.  For now though I must stop before I end up spending money that is meant for Christmas presents.. H&M, if you love me.. feel free to send me test products! Kind Regards!! :)


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

KG, Kurts killing me Gently..

London is a place that will always hold secrets in every little corner, it's only recently that my subconscious became conscious as it drew me in rapidly to Kurt Geiger in Covent Garden.. Aladdin's cave for any shoe addict like myself.

I've only ever graced the entrance of the store due to my skittish excited tendencies around all things beautiful but this day. This day I descended the huge staircase into a mirrored wonderland.

Nearly every angle was a mirrored wall, which at first I thought a assistant walked clean through a wall, yet you turn the corner and, WOW. The layout is just beautiful, there's not many other ways you could present such beauties so well. Even the accessories on their tiered cushion pedestals, every little detail was clearly planned.

Cutest little bracelets ever! I really want the bottom one...

Somehow I restrained myself.. Like never before! I left empty handed, yet it haunted me all day and night. If you haven't visited the Covent Garden store, you really must. I know it's been there ages but... I love it!


Friday, 9 November 2012

Meerkat mischief

Just casually perusing through River Island whilst watching telly and these Uber cute pj's are top of my list due to having just turned my white ones pink in the wash!!!   Although I think I may be tempted to wear the jumper in public rather than for bed!!

That's all. Just wanted to share that!    Simples ;)


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Have yourself a very merry/yellow Christmas!!

Christmas is coming, with being just over a month away things are are starting to get bright and sparkly! When I was in London the other weekend, the street lights weren't yet about.. But gradually creeping nearer to swarm the night sky like a ten million fire flies....

Anyway, Selfridges was there. Already adorned in its brilliantly vibrant, Pantone 109 yellow, ribbons. All VERY exciting. I love Selfridges windows.. The front is so vast, between each one it's like a guessing game. And then you get to the end, and turn the corner just for the last few!!! This year. Oh god, they're after my own heart, gigantic sleigh sized stilettos, they aren't Louboutins but still they are amazing.

The smallest of details are taken into account, from the tiny train tracks laid amongst the havoc of gifts to the little wooden draws sliding open and closed on mechanical hinges. Tiny glistening reindeers lined up to the stacks of red upholstered stools.

The beauty about Selfridges is that it doesn't just stop at the enticing windows, once you enter the walls I continues to amaze you. From the current displays of designer 'pudsey bears', that may I add, the Burberry one is adorable, to my favourite area of the shoe apartments. Even the enormity of the escalators overwhelm you.

There's a few photos, with a fair bit of glare, my apologies. So you must go and see it all for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Ps, thanks to the security man that let me take some photos and stepped aside for them! x

Santa's new ride!

Burberry Bear! Too cute.