"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Outfit of the day

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages!! I have so much going on at the moment with Uni projects (one involving a group blog) and placement hunting I certainly have neglected my own little world here with you guys. Today was just another day at Uni.. Same old routine. I've been a little down recently with so much on top of me that I went out for a little retail therapy with Hannah. We finally selected her glasses that she's put off for months, naughty! Which may I just add in for anyone who don't already, and you are a spectacle wearer like us.. Without trying to sound like the advert, please go to Specsavers!!!! They are such good prices. Honestly. Boots... My lord. Rip off.

Anyway, after a frantic flipping between several choices we were done and I was treated to a coffee (again) for being so helpful. Costa Caramel late. H.e.a.v.e.n.

(Again, I digress.. You can tell I've been away for a while!)

So next I made a beeline for H&M as their cheeky online newsletter tempted me with this khaki blouse with cut out arm detail caught my eye, unfortunately I was let down as they guy didn't know what on earth I was on about and they were in the middle of removing all their sale stuff. So Topshop was next. Just to browse.. You know... And once again. I ended up buying. BUT, they were so worth it, and again, student discount and all :)

I did restrain myself, I bought a pair of leggings and a pair of cigarette pants. I stopped myself from buying a skater acid wash denim skirt which was so cute and a little polka dot two tone top. I might have to return for them.. Mmm

So here's the leggings. I love them. I just feel like I need some shortbread picnic beside Lockness....

Blouse; H&M
Belt; Topshop
Leggings: Topshop
Boots; Topshop

Watch; Vivienne Westwood

Hope your all well and still shopping hard! Take care and I'll be back sooner rather than later! 


Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekend treat

This weekend was a lovely one. After a crazy week and lots of productivity emitting from me it was time for some chilling out. My boyfriend, Frazer, came down to visit me at Uni (a day earlier then planned which was awesome enough) but then woke up to fluttering snow on Friday morning too! After a panicked attempt of getting into Uni, it was then cancelled , so I then braved tesco... Didn't buy enough wine so that then resulted in a snow trek with fray. This has become some what of a tradition with us! The trekking (not the wine consumption!!)

Friday Night Snow walk

So after a casual snow filled day, we thought we'd be geniuses and hit town covered in snow and ice on Saturday night. It was SO worth it. Me, the two Hannah's and ma boy! Sunday consisted of pancakes at 5am, a few hours sleep and the attempt of watching Star Wars with Fray as neither of us are much of a fan of it.... We were snoozing by the half way point! Oops

Anyway, I don't often do a post like this. So I'm sorry if you don't like it, but it's outfit focused still (kind of) I know a lot of what I wore this weekend you've already seen before but I am a firm believer (being a student and all) that you should re-wear. It's all the fun of restyling outfits and interchangeable important pieces to your wardrobe!!

Here's what went down..

Me and Fray

My Outfit;
Jacket; River Island
Top; River Island
Necklace: H&M
Trousers: M&S
Shoes: Carvella 

Hope your all well and not too snowed under!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

100th Post!!!! Celebrating with my Outfit of the day

Just another day in Uni for me today but, after my most amazing Ebay purchase so far, I now have a second McQueen item.. WOOO. So, as it arrived yesterday, I obviously wore it today. It was such a bargain, it's a men's shirt but fits me pretty well to be honest, (thank god!!) so today ended up being a little smarter then usual, but I liked it as we had our group interim crit for our current project.

Anyway, once again, trusty Hannah (the trusty photographer) stepped up and took some photo's for me! Thanks Han!

Jacket; H&M
Shirt; Alexander McQueen
Skirt; H&M
Boots; Topshop
(Glasses; Jasper Conran)

Hope your all well and keeping warm with these dropping temperatures! I must remember my gloves tomorrow, using a can of de-icer bare handed is rather painful to say the least!


Friday, 11 January 2013

Outfit Daily

After vowing to nearly everyone I've spoke to about money, shopping, saving, anything recently.. I promptly went out and spent yesterday! What a surprise, it was the girlie Costa and catchup that lead to browsing H&M! I'm so sick of wearing black and had seen this jumper in its various colours (see here)in several places that I knew it was time that we got together. And then, I kind of found a necklace that worked perfectly with it so that just had to be bought aswell!

Here's some picture of today's outfit, a little random but I fancied having a little fun! Thanks to Hannah for taking them for me!

Jumper; H&M
Necklace; H&M
Leggings; Matalan
Boots; Fiorentini Baker


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Outfit of the day

Today was back to Uni.. And of course that meant I had to try and wear as many new things as possible! So this is just a little post of what I wore today. (Sorry the pictures aren't great, but it's all I could get!!)

I know this coat doesn't look new because of previous posts, its very similar to my old one but most certainly a newbie to my wardrobe! I picked it up in H&M at the weekend for 19.99! Bit of a bargain, it's the one thing I like about sales, its the best time to pick up a new winter coat!

H&M, Lana Del Ray range. £19.99 instead of £39.99

Coat H&M new
Shirt Reiss new
Belt Topshop old
Jeans H&M new
Boots River Island old


Jean Paul Gaultier complete!

For a while now I have been obsessing over the limited edition Coca Cola aluminium bottles you can get. It started back in 2011 when I was in Paris with the beloved boyfriend and I saw a display of Karl Lagerfeld bottles in a bus stop just outside the Paris Opera house. Ill never forget that little display, pink and white, so pretty! Anyway, I digress! Back in the Summer of 2012 I started collecting Olympic editions, then it went onto the release of Jean Paul Gaultier's limited edition bottle and cans. One by one me and my family have tracked them down and hey presto. FINALLY my collection is complete!

The full collection!!!!!

For now, I have my eyes set on the Selfridges bottle from a few years back and to complete the Lagerfeld set as I only have one! I like having something to collect, a silly little obsession is healthy, in sure! (I hope!)


Monday, 7 January 2013


You might have noticed that in my last post I've jumped on the bandwagon with the slogan tee. When I was in Topshop I couldn't resist, but rather than just being a sheep I vowed I would 'Gok it'. I had a little raid of mums vast selection of buttons and embellishments of all shapes and sizes and found some suitable twinkly bits!

I'm not sure if I need to add a little more too it. For now. This is the nerdette in me!



I didn't go too over the top. I began by slashing the neck as I really am not a fan of high round necks, I then pinned them at the angle that I most liked and then using clear thread attached the small jewels that we had, previously from another item. I also attached a flatter jewel on the 'D' just for a extra twinkle! 

I shall be wearing this VERY soon..

 Have you got any of the slogan tee's?!


Sunday, 6 January 2013

The first shop of 2013..

With my little bit of Christmas money and a burning desire to go and shop I headed off to Lakeside, Thurrock for a spot of New Year hunting/rummaging in post sale mess and the new season turnout! It was a calm day.. Weirdly considering still being school holidays and all. So I headed right for Zara to begin my search, I've started to conclude that this branch isn't my favourite. I used to love it when Zara started to make a mark in my life but now, I feel my loyalties may lay in other stores! There wasn't much that grabbed me unfortunately. I'll be back!!! (When the new seasons are calling).

After trawling around the whole shopping centre and storing favoured pieces in the back of my mind rather than impulse buying yet again, I returned to H&M and Topshop to spend my pennies. I've had to return a few pieces after buying and getting home to decide that actually in the calm after the storm.. They weren't such good buys!

Not to panic.. I still have stuff to show!!! Woo.
     Here you go then..

Necklace; Kurt Gieger
Shirt; H&M
Top; H&M Belt; New Look
Jeans; H&M Boots; River Island
Watch; Vivienne Westwood
Bracelets; Nominations & a Gift

Friday, 4 January 2013

Ashford, take two!!

It's been a couple of months since I graced the circular shopping outlet with my excitement for all things new and shiny.. So between Christmas and New Year, for once, I braved the sales (mainly because I was owed a Christmas present).

I was surprised that it wasn't more manic but also hugely grateful, sales stress me out far too quickly and most of the time i'd rather pay full price. One shop we went into (which I shall not name!!!) I stopped on the threshold and turned around due to the sheer lack of organisation and respect of the pretty things strewn all over every possible flat surface! Anyway, after I took a deep breath I found it in me to carry on.. I entered Kurt Geiger.. It did look like a swarm of locust's had passed through, but luckily, being a big footed 7.. I found some little beauties that needed a new home! It was fate and a typical example of 'you don't ask, you don't get!'. So Kurt... Thank you! I love them.

After such a bargain in Kurt Geiger, I was still owed another little pressie from the boyfriend, so I continued to bustle away to find my next bargain. Ted Baker was heaving but I knew it would be worth the good fight.. Although it didn't end up as well as I had hoped, a few things didn't fit and so on. I do have to mention the amazing shop window though.. Loved the V.M going on with a quivering turkey in a box!

Originally £120. Outlet price: £35. BARGAINNN
I ended up in Reiss after doing the circuit and bought a shirt that I loved from the beginning. It's a little different but it also matches my new heels perfectly! Both items were 'firsts' for me, the Carvela's and the Reiss item. I need to also say about the staff in Reiss.. they were so lovely, I say 'just for a outlet', but they made me not want to leave. So thank you for caring! 

All for now, take care