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Sunday, 30 September 2012

THE Boots..

Okay, so a few posts ago, I had kittens over several pairs of shoes. Anyway, as it was just my birthday I thought it was about time that I treated myself to those ever so drop dead gorgeous red River Island studded ones.

I was absolutely devastated to find out that they had sold out... No word of a lie, I've rang about 6 different stores just to track a pair down. After being defeated time and time again, today was the last straw when Brighton told me no, and that if they were not online, they would all be gone. I could feel myself becoming savage, and just now I thought I would have a quick Google as, you know, Google tends to always save the day and BOOM!



They only have them in stock... In EVERY size, plus the addition of 10% student discount.

My fingers have never given over my bank details so speedily. I am well and truly one happy girl.

Thanks Asos. You're my best friend, again!


Ashford Designer Shopping Outlet

The other weekend it was a family day out and we (I) hit the shops running and hyperventilating. Shopping at huge discounted prices and then additional student discount on top. Too much.

The selection is overwhelming. Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Radley and Sketchers to name just a few. It goes on and on in a beautiful inviting circle.
Me and my family alone must have made a nice addition to their profit the day we went. But you just can't help snap up the bargains sat in front of you crying for a home. I've been to outlets before, like Freeport Braintree, but that is nothing in comparison to this one!

It's a must visit. Christmas is coming so grab your presents here! Do it, do it, do it! You don't know what your missing...

Keep shopping!



Friday, 14 September 2012


It has been far toooo long since I have last blogged, but it's been the summer hol's and I certainly have been a busy bee. I took part in a wicked internship, helped at a fashion show backstage, worked at the Olympics, watched the Olympics... Gone to Paris, Tunisia. I am well and truly NOT rested to return to Uni next week.

So any-who. I've once again managed to get back into my uni routine of putting off anything that I should be doing my looking online. This time I blame my mum. She left her iPad with me to look on and it just seemed to automatically go to River Island's app (or alternatively website; http://www.riverisland.com).... strange! (hehe)

So much awesome stock is in for the upcoming chilly months, and I am most certainly needing some of there beautiful knitwear and fluffy long coats, they look so cosy even from a picture. WANTWANTWANT.

More importantly, the shoe selection is intensifying more and more as I scroll through the beauties. So... let's begin...

 I am a bit of a sucker for something stroke-able and a bit of velvet is right up my street. This deep red is so gorgeous to wear with black bottoms and a few little studs to spice it up. I really love these, they just look so rich and comfortable, however, obviously as being a RI Loves item, theres only currently size 3's left, and no wonder at just £45.. keep checking for new stock!!!! 

Ooooooh, you cannot go wrong with a bit of leopard print... not one bit! and a chunky heel... it's almost too much. So usable and funky for the gloomy days ahead, putting a purr in your step is almost essential... it IS essential. Everyone should have some crazy kitty paws. For just £65 I really think these are worth it and there's plenty of stock left online! Just do it... you won't regret it! 

Gussets, Heels, Straps.. what more do you want? These ankle boots are wicked, with a simple toe and the detailed ankle, they're not too overpowering but sassy enough to spice up a outfit when styled in a specific way. I love them. Maybe not a everyday boot for running about Uni but, hey... I could walk all day and take my time for these babies. But for £75 I may have to wait..still. I love them.

These are every little thing I need right now, simple, suede, block heel and so wearable. I live in black boots in the winter and my poor ones last year took such a hammering that a versatile pair like this, £65 is more than justifiable. With the 8cm heel they're perfect for adding a little height but not to cripple you by the end of the day. I really need to invest in these before its too late.

These.... These are everything I WANT. My lord. I cannot even sum up the words to describe how much I love these. Red, umm, TICK...Studs, TICK. Easy/comfortable heel... TICK. I don't need to justify my reasons, you just need to believe me that these are the best thing. Ever. I might need to save up some pennies a little bit as £90 is a little steeper than the heel itself but I believe I would eat, sleep, live and die in these. Oh I just cant stop.... Someone send me a loan?

Now I am far too excited by these shoes I might have to go and shop....

Take care and I'll be back sooner than last time.

B x