"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Alice is Distracting me

Once again, I'm sat here looking online at whats new and grabbing my attention at Lavish Alice, www.lavishalice.com. It's safe to say there is PLENTY!

Just a quick little break down to tickle your fancy...
Cartoon Slogan Cropped Polo Neck Top; £7

Silver Studded Black Bra; £20

Black Woven Jacquard Boucle Cropped Jacket; £43

Just a few items but I do love them all for different reasons! Fun and Sophistication.. sort of! 


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

National Knitting Week..

So we're half way through the week of national knitting. It's safe to say that knitting is being well and truly fully embraced this season, all the cosy big knit jumpers are coming out of the woodwork left right and centre. But it isn't all about us getting our purse's out to warm us through.

A few weeks ago I spotted something that made me double take, not always a good thing when your driving round a corner. But it was a normal sized Red Phone box, however, it had a perfectly fitting, slightly sagging due to the torrential rain, tea cosy style jumper! I was pretty amazed, supposedly it was knitted by all local ladies. I wish I got a picture for you to see, however it isn't just happening down here, it's a craze called 'Yarn Bombing'... Yes, yarn bombing. There are some seriously cray things developing. As usual, I've had a little google, also known as guerrilla knitting, and there are some crazy yet extraordinary y-bombing happening...

Pictures are not my own visit: 

My take on the craze is, in short, if it doesn't move, knit something for it.    The knitting started popping up in the Netherlands in 2004 and I think its far from being saturated, its fun, creative and brightening up some pretty dreary days. 

National Knitting Week is all about getting the next generation into the crafts, it is generally related to older generations and dodgy home made knits we try to duck and dive from (look at Ron Weasley..) But, it is pretty awesome being able to make some things by hand like that. Crafts are much on the turn around, just like Vintage, we're in a time where we need to adopt comforts and Cocoon ourselves. I know plenty of people my age that are getting into it, so, get on trend and join in! Buy a book, book a class, watch a youtube video, there's plenty of ways that you can start. http://www.ukhandknitting.com/

I'm even thinking of how I can show my appreciation during this week and the only conclusion I have managed to reach is by buying this...

Personally, I think it truly is the best method of support (it also adds and satisfies my little sheep obsession). Topshop is the target for this purchase at £48. But, don't forget there's 10% student discount, woo!


So, get your knitting needles out and knit me one of them (sheep jumpers).. when you have finished ask for my address and I shall get prizes for the best one... fair deal? ;)

Just remember: in, round, through, off. 

Take care


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Clutch Craze on a Saturday night

So once again, I'm sat here, quite easily trying to spend someone else's money. As you do when your avoiding bouncing back to your trusty debit card. A friend was in grave need of a clutch to match her new shoes.. and not just any shoes. A pair of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa 'Skyscraper' Glitter Pump's. They are beautiful. You know that beautiful curve to the Westwood shape and the instantly recognisable golden orb. Both there.

It wasn't exactly hard to find some matches for the shoes, my first find, I think and so did my friend, that it was 'the one'. It was just the cost, a little over the price range for a limited use bag. But. It is fab.

Anya Hindmarch, Midnight Glitter Clutch
Now this really is stunning, is it not? I know the blue's look slightly off, but its hard to judge with photograph lighting. At £331 its probably a risky buy, but that does include the 14kt gold-plated twist lock for secure fastening... Bargain... no?

Rapidly I started to look at the lower price spectrum, and I found this little Dune number a suede and glitter clutch mixm with a small chain handle/strap as well which is always handy for a night out. £65 is a much more reasonable price for a bag that isn't always going to see daylight/the dance floor.

Anyway, here it is.. It's also a closer colour match to the Westwood Shoes. 


Next, my eye on the price lacked a little bit. I'm not totally sure about this Paul Smith clutch, it's glittery and all but, the reverse loses my vote. The addition of the strap is handy and always nice to have but, I just can't make my mind up, so for £195 I don't think I would splash the money on it without seeing it in the flesh. 


There are SO many beautiful bags out there for evening's out, navy glittery things or not. Looking tonight, I have seen hundreds.. okay, slight exaggeration, but so many that I love. 

All of these babies are online at: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/shop?category_id=35&p=4&query=glitter%20clutch    Have a look, it's nearly time to party Christmas party style... which means you need a new bag!!!



Annie Haak

I've often seen adverts in the back of magazine's, such as Company, for Annie Haak Designs and like what I see. So this time I decided to actually have a look on the website. Such simple and elaborate designs that also have a wide price range depending on each design.

From solid silver, Turquoise stones, disc's on multiple strings of rope and charm bracelet, variety is most certainly there.

Moto Tali Friendship Bracelets - Sterling Silver and leather

One of my favourite's is the Moto Tali Friendship Bracelet, sterling silver and leather at just £35. You can choose from a choice of moto's (love, luck, star or peace) and all in different colours. It is mega cute and everything comes in beautiful gift boxes with additional gift wrap at just £4.50..

The selection of charm bracelets are also mega cute, with elephant charms, tassels and personalised hearts, they are there to be personal and that they are. A variety of prices means that they really are affordable for a range of buyers out there. Personally, I personalised option. The Anna Bella Personalised Silver Heart Charm Bracelet is £66, and that includes the price of engraving on the front. The back is a additional cost which is more than reasonable. I actually love this so much.

Again, it comes in the Annie Haak beautiful packaging.


There are loads more dainty little pieces online, and you really should check them out. Even down to the presentation of the products, laid out on dark grey slate, really shows off the sparkling silver and detail to the products.

I hope you enjoy, from now on. I think I may pay attention to the back of a magazine and their adverts in the future!  Thanks Company! (http://www.company.co.uk/)  :) 


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Student LockIn, Brighton

Being a student heavy area, Brighton held a student lock in night, 6.30pm - 9pm. It was rather exciting, big queues, students only, hustle and bustle but more importantly stores like H&M, Zara and River Island all had 20% off EVERYTHING. You can imagine the excitement. I went with two of the girls and well.... We spent too much between the 3 of us... BUT we did save.

While we was out and about I was taking in H&M's mannequins, Lana Del Ray mannequins to be precise. The styling of them and some of the products were just so beautiful, especially the earring display. So eye catching.

I also was helping the girls pick out some things to get... Both looking for something simple but different and to impress the Boyfriends at the weekend! Rosie, who was so against the floral skinny ankle length trousers fell in love and was easily persuaded, with a complementing top too! Hannah took a little more persuading with a cute burgundy peplum top! Very cute and looked stunning on her. Before that however, I did make her try on a coordinate outfit! It looked so sweet in person and with the right accessories and shoes, perfect for drinks of a evening!!!

Here's some photos, sorry the quality is poor... It was hard to contain myself and capture moments!


(We decided against the collar as it did not fit to the shape of the top nicely)

Coordinate Outfit..

I fell deeply in love with this Zara hat but resisted the painstaking temptation tugging at my deepest desires. I my have to go back for the beauty though. IT'S PERFECT!

All in all... Lock in was great!

Keep shopping :)

B x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


After my excitement of buying a new coat (and my friend Hannah's for that matter!!) I got to debut the H&M bargain in Uni today. It went down a treat, without being big headed. People loved the coat.. But what more do you expect from fashion students!

Anywho, thought you might like to see.. It was £39.99, straight out my birthday money so thanks Granddad! x

Visit, www.h&m.com

(Coat, H&M. Shirt, H&M. Jeans, H&M (just realised I overdosed on H&M today!!) Shoes, New look. Bag, Fiorelli)

Take care