"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Monday, 30 January 2012


It finally was the day... The day the jacket was show cased!

I have waited so long and I needed to post, although its small...

I LOVE IT. River island. Thank you

Winehouse in the Couture House..

Fashion weeks have oozed out of the Couture Houses for a very long time and over the past few years we have seen designers embellish catwalks with elegance, grace, edge and outright craziness. 

Watching from the side lines, you can see the final stunning out comes, media coverage and even the controversial and possible legal battle grounds. This has especially been brought to my attention with genius, Jean Paul Gaultier and his Amy Winehouse Tribute collection at Paris Fashion week. Gaultier is defined for paying tribute and collaborating with Madonna, most famously with the iconic Cone Bra. However, the tribute collection to the, still pretty recently, deceased was not taken lightly by Amy's farther. Tweeting the day after the collection was shown "We don't support the Jean Paul Gaultier collection, It's in bad taste".

In my own opinion, from some who clearly didn't know the singer personally, I think the collection was pretty wonderful. Although he has been inspired by her style and life, he kept true to some of his key signatures and I think this balances out perfectly. He isn't "cashing in" on her name, because lets face it.. The majority of fans of Amy Winehouse could never afford to go out and buy a item like his off the catwalk because they cannot afford it. However, if designs start popping up in New Look, River Island and Topshop with a reference to the late singer, like there are tops of The Beatles or Monroe, I highly doubt that her father would respond in the same way. 

Kelly Osbourne was said to also express her feelings towards the collection on twitter too, stating that she found it "lucratively selfish and distasteful".

Enough of the 'bad mouthing' of Gaultier's collection. The time and thought that must have gone into these masterpieces, I still find, absolutely amazing...

It's not all about Winehouse, I don't see much of her reflecting in this silhouette and style. 
Gaultier's signature corset and layered hip panels, stunning, supported by a crazy sky high bee-hive
The controversial model that caused more of the anger amongst loved ones. A model on the catwalk smoking, showing Winehouse "when she was not at her best". 
A personal favourite, the craft that has gone into this garment is stunning.

Although family and friends have not taken kindly to Gaultier's collection, this is how the majority of the public and her fans will probably remember Amy Winehouse, it is sad to say that they may not remember her at her best. However, if they we're not on a personal level with the singer, it is the families job to remember her as they wish to. RIP Amy,     and Congratulations to Gaultier.  

B x



Sunday, 29 January 2012

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world..."

marilyn monroe

It just so happens, mine are Mr. Louboutin's.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Current top websites...

Over the last few weeks and days especially I have been spending so much time online and in books research a vast amount of different things, whether its still 20's focused or more into current trends and fashion or street styles.  While doing so I have stumbled over several things that have caught my eye and thought they would be worth sharing. There isn't much of a link between them but I just have seen them and thought, wow. Thats pretty awesome. So I'm passing onto you for you to have a look if you haven't already seen them! 

First up, naked nails are no more. Art is the way forward, even on a tiny little area that chips away and looks crummy after a few days.....


Something else to spend some Student Finance on... Oh no.

Next are some seriously funky leg wear that tempts me far too much but at the same time repels me because I hate to think what my bum would look like in some of the prints..


Seriously cool patterns and prints, a bit of a steep price for a single pair of leggings but the latex shorts sound very appealing and comfortable! Or is that just me?

From the Fingers, to the legs and now to the Jewellery, the icing on the cake pretty much. I came across this site whilst looking through GQ and hinting not very subtly to my boyfriend for valentines gifts! Anyway, for the price of some of the necklaces I think this brand is so gorgeous and sentimental. I love everything on there, even down to the packaging and gift boxes!!! Every item has its own little meaning. I love sentimental things...

Thats all for now... Hope you've liked all them bits, and I'm sorry if I have passed temptation your way!

B x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Golden Fashion or Trashy Garbage at the Golden Globes

It was another one of those occasions where the world suddenly became obsessed with celebrities, even more so then normally, the red carpet and more importantly, WHAT they we're wearing.

Beautiful dresses from Couture to Made-to-Measure, some of the biggest stars on our screens took to the floor for a ultimate, limelight, dress-a-thon. It was the 2012 Golden Globes. Personally there were some that should not have even bothered, and others that deserved a reward JUST for the dress that they wore.

Elle Macpherson
Elle in a nude Zac Posen strapless gown.
I personally LOVE this, the fitted bodice is beautiful for Elle's fabulous figure and her height balances out the skirt/train to the dress with the frills, with a mermaid-ess look to it. Even the structure of the panels to the dress compliment her 'to die for' body. Big hit.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah in a blue and white Monique Lhuillier gown.
There's something I like about this dress, but at the same time its a little like Marmite. However, I am on the fence about it. I think I like that pattern but, it should be on a different style of dress, on the other hand, I like the style and shape to the dress, but it should be a solid colour? with embellishment? Then I think, well, maybe thats the beautiful thing, changing conventions and breaking the rules, and result in a gown like this.   Put it this way, there is a LOT worse that Sarah. Still... she looks stunning and has a beautiful smile. I still like.

Helen Mirren
 What a beautiful mature woman. Helen looks stunning in this midnight blue gown against her flawless complexion and silvering hair. A subtle option but with the silver on the waist line and ruffled skirt, its just beautiful and well balanced. 
Charlize Theron
 Wearing a nude Cior Couture gown with Vintage Cartier jewellery, how could you go wrong? Well, you can't. A plunging neck like, a thigh high split and a stunning body, Charlize looks stunning with the soft train trailing along behind her, I especially like the hip detail, it could have been without it but I think it certainly makes it look Couture. 

Mila Kunis
For someone as beautiful as Mila Kunis, I was disappointed. I feel she looks wide and not as stunning as she could, a smile could have improved it I guess but, I just don't feel it has the 'red carpet' appeal to it like many others could have. However, to draw on some positives, I do like the tiered skirt and floaty chiffon like material. 
Dianna Agron
This dress is stunning, I love the detail to the top/bodice and the shape to the top edge, however the bottom/skirt I feel makes it a little over the top or frumpy. But the colour and top with the nipped in waist line makes up for it by far!  

Salma Hayek
Okay, so this is bias but Wow. How amazing does Salma look, I loved her before but after seeing her in this heavily embellished custom made Gucci gown... Phenomenal. The little puddle train and the detail/ symmetry to the bodice is amazing, Her figure is truly highlighted and emphasised in this gown. 

Angelina Jolie
I cannot fault the dress, the simple and elegant design with the tight waist and bias cut for the drape, to the small red flash across the collar bone and matching bag is amazing. However, Angelina looks so stiff and to be honest, I've seen my dog look happier.  Totally a killer to the amazing gown

Zooey Deschannel
To go with her amazing personality and her stunning appearance, Deschannel graced the floor in a custom-made Prada gown. The green is on trend and beautiful due to the embellishment fading into the black. Simple yet stunning.

B x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Beautiful Magazine

Yesterday I was out shopping and I came across a fashion magazine that I had never seen before and was genuinely thrilled there there is such a thing!

Beautiful Magazine is a plus size ladies fashion magazine, published for ladies over a size 12 to show and inspire that it is not only for stick-insect size 0's to be 'fashionable'. Famous people from Adele to Beth Ditto have graced the cover of the seasonal publication.

There really isn't too much to say other than it's refreshing to see a magazine that will cater to ALL women without the pressures and harmful advertising in other fashion editorials.

Take a look, sold in Tesco... Autumn issue now on sale!

We're all Beautiful... embrace it :)


B x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Historical Styling and Fashion Shoot.

Tuesday 10th January, 2012.

Studio Time: 12pm

Model: Alix Stern

Makeup artist: Melissa Robinson

Today I had my first ever studio shoot, and in a nut shell, it was awesome. The research has been going for a while, like I'm sure some of you have seen with previous posts.

A house mate and friend I live with was the ultimate model for what I needed, she has a cute, dainty '20s' style face and slight figure which was perfect for the dress that I had previously bought in Camden (obviously after I had chosen her for the shoot).  So, yesterday, Monday I had a small consultation with my makeup artist for the shoot, Melissa, a second year at Northbrook and discussed what I want to achieve. Bright and early this morning we arrived and began the process of the setting of the hair and applying makeup ready for the 12 o'clock allotted studio time. 

Before going into the studio I had created plans of how I wished the lighting set up to be so I was quickly able to go in and start to shoot once I had the lighting levels correct. We jumped straight into shooting and Alix was amazing, took direction very well, although very little had to be given due to her being photogenic and looking the part. The dress I found and bought was in a large Vintage store in Camden, absolute gold mine for all things vintage, I will definitely return there in the future. 

So below are a few of my favourites, I have photoshopped very slighting to keep them natural, obviously disregarding the sepia tone frames. 

This has certainly been one of the best things since being at University and I cannot wait to get back into the studio and shoot some more.      Now, that lens I've been looking into....... can I now justify the cost..

Hope you like the images and are following your dreams too. Comment, send to friends, spread the love

Thank you!!

Beth x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Emma Dowdell; Hair & Make-up Artist

The circle of people I'm surrounded with varies vastly, I have a dad in Retail, a mum thats a teacher, a boyfriend studying aeronautical engineering, friends studying Design, Law, Pharmaceuticals, English and god knows what else and then a sister that is a Professional Makeup Artist. Trained at Brushstroke, Pinewood and Shepperton Studio's (http://www.pinewoodgroup.com/)  Em is now in the real world and a freelance Makeup Artist. Since the beginning I have been a Guinea Pig for her and well, she is phenomenal, and no, I am not just being biased. Wait and see..

The reason I'm blogging about Em is because this year I hope she can finally kick start and filter into the industry she most desires to be within, along with my hope to blog about people that I believe are up-and-coming and well, I've been a barbie again recently. 
Lips is her obsession at the present moment, Jessie J inspired! When we went to the clothes show together she discovered the lip transfers and promptly bought 20 sets! 
The transfers are pretty amazing, not the easiest things in the world to cut out perfectly to the lip shape but I sure its something that comes with practice! And so.... I shall be having lots of stained lips. Transfers can be found online, above pink leopard print at: http://www.temporaryliptattoos.co.uk/)

Many times Emma has also helped me out with makeup too, for building my University entry portfolio and even distressing my actress in my A Level film project. Fashion, Fx, Character and Weddings are her thing and all can be found at www.emmadowdell.co.uk

For now, Some examples...


Please take the time to look at her website, 
Make up lessons, Eye lash extensions and more available!


B x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

ELLE February 2012

The time has come where we begin to consult our magazines, catwalks, viral videos and the likes of the upcoming seasons fashion! Although it's still not snowed here in drizzly England, I still have sat and pondered over the forthcoming Spring/Summer collections of 2012. Colour, patterns and generally bold statements being made yet again. It all came to me through flicking through February's instalment of ELLE.

Listed 1 to 10 we got it broken down into the top looks for the season to come:
No.1. Viva colour
No.2. Fresh
No.3. Futurismo
No.4. Sport Revolution
No.5. Haute craft
No.6. Jazz age
No.7. Print extra
No.8. Mid-Century Modern
No.9. Ultragirl
No.10. Mash-up
So, my call on top picks consist of viva colour (perfect for coming out of the gloomy winter, sooner the better in my eyes), haute craft (amazing embellishments, cuts and symmetry) , jazz age (purely for the fact of my 20s research at the present moments captures my attention on the revived decade!), print extra (basically because it's fun, flamboyant and again 'jazzing it up' for the summer!!!), and finally ultra girl (for a sugary indulgence into feminism). Don't get me wrong, the rest are not bad, all also beautiful in their own rights just my personal preference. The look 10, Mash-up, has never been a favourite of mine, knits and leather should be kept apart for a reason!


Next, a few gorgeous pieces that also caught my eye on the styled pages! First up the white blazer with black trim, an Armani piece that is priceless ad once again on my wish list. So simple yet stylish for any woman and multiple outfits!
Then, there's the embellished Cavalli skirt and short jacket. Absolutely stunning to say the least, the craftsmanship involved in the two pieces is phenomenal, along with the print that is revealed in the pleated of the skirt, gorgeous for warmer evenings for a nice night out.
Again I hit my 1920's new found fondness, this time by Gucci, a take on a traditional flapper, revolutionised into a modern day take. From the hips to just above the knee beautiful gold black threads acting as the tassels to swing with the slightest movement. Symmetrical lines, a little less Deco than the traditional style.
Then there was McQueen, Lee Alexander may not be with us but his style has stayed loyal with Sarah Burtons soft pastel pink feathers and lace puffy layered skirt and cut away fitted top. Another design verging in garish but still I love the style for the fact of it being his name.

I suggest you get out there and buy your copy, it's time I re-subscribe and continue with the updates. I cannot wait for the blossoming season that is spring!

Enjoy, I know I will

All for now, thankyou
B x