"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".. Coco Chanel. I shall live and die by this quote. Be who you want to be, not who someone wants you to be, it honestly is the difference between being happy and not. I aim to blog about fashion and all that surrounds it.

Monday, 30 September 2013


For those who don't know, Friday I turned 21. Yes, 21... I'm getting old, it's official. And my family and friend have no shame in reminding me. CONSTANTLY. But who cares. I literally had the most AMAZING time. 

It all started with Fray coming home from France, which the flight was delayed may I add. We got there in the end though and it only got better from there. Everything was a surprise on the day that I woke up, and I wouldn't have asked for it any other way.

With love; Emma 

My sister couldn't have got me a better present, my very own pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes. 
They. Are. Fabulous. 
For anyone that hasn't had the pleasure of handling a pair, they smell just as amazing as they look, and are really quite comfortable, Emma knowing me oh-to well knew that there was clearly only one colour option. Pink, Pink, Pink! 

With love; Mum & Dad 

For a while now I've been wanting original copies of my Birth month from the year I was born, especially being September. Dad's amazing googling skills paid off once again and I got more than A original copy. Vogue Paris and Vogue UK are now a happy edition to my ever growing bookshelf of dreams. Along with this, a frame with 5 cover's from September 1992. Literally perfect. 

With love; Frazer

"I'll never buy you a ring, never", 3 years of one vow was broken in about 3 seconds. I am not complaining as I have a fabulous little orb on my finger, twinkling away in the lights. 
I really did not know what to expect from Fray and I'm so glad because it was a lovely little surprise! 

Background story! 
We got the train to London and straight in a cab from Liverpool Street, all 5 of us. I had no idea where we was off too, but my parents slipped the taxi driver a piece of paper with the address on it and off we went. Weaving around through traffic and I totally lost all sense of direction within minutes, until we pulled up down a cobbled side street.. next to a Waitrose and was ordered to get out. Doing as I was told I stepped onto the pavement with no idea what was going on.

"Look." Mum
"What?" Me

"Over there..." Mum
(blank expression, jaw drops to floor)

"No.           No!?" Me

"YES! Come on!" Mum

Que, my inability to move and a wave of involuntary tears spring into full flow......

With love; Mum & Dad

(Photography by Me)

I can't even make this post sound anywhere near as amazing as my day was but I hope that you get some kind of idea how lucky I feel and how much I appreciated everything the people around me did.

I love you all so much


Thursday, 26 September 2013

At the Beach

I kid you not, life is mental. As you get older, things whirl by. I feel like I'm constantly dancing around in a full on trance and when I break free of it, it's a month or so later. That is the only way to fully describe the way I'm feeling being back at Uni for my final year. Along with a aching in my head and heart after only 2days (not a good start, I know).

Anyway. On a more positive note, living in a pretty little cottage and right on the sea front with a very fab curly-haired friend of mine, we've made a silent agreement on improving our blogging and general photography/styling/graphic skills and are going to help each other through this year. We decided to kick it off with a outfit post bright and early down on the beach.

Jacket H&M
Top Topshop
Bag & Boots River Island
Skirt Newlook
Necklace Limited Edition, Primark
Sunglasses Christian Lacroix

 Photography & Editing by Hannah Byrne

And finally, Hannah's outfit is below, photography & editing by myself.. Here's to a very photographic year!!

Sunglasses Topshop
Jacket Zara
Top Matalan
Jeans H&M
Bag Topshop
Boots H&M

100% Authentic Curls!

Welcome to our Final Year.. I hope you follow us along the way :) x


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Neon Gray Scale

I hate winter. Im putting that out there with (Im pretty sure) the majority of human/animal/insect race. Unless you are 100% indoors all day with a hot chocolate and a Harry Potter fest,  it can do what it please's outside. But this whole, 'oh I need a 3 jumpers and coat' just to leave the house without getting frost bite is my least favourite situation to be in.

It's the same every year, I pretty much rebel and end up ill. So it's mid September and as far as I am concerned, its more than acceptable to still be wearing a little dress. I have however, given in to the foot prisons and returned my toes to socks and boots.  

So now I must go and invest in a new coat and I am ready to battle the elements.

Dress Topshop
Necklace H&M
Boots River Island

& A big thank you to Gaby at LSM for doing my hair & Vas for snapping me


Sunday, 15 September 2013

RiRi Land

What a week it's been, sorry I haven't blogged for a little while but it's been a mental week of being a Intern again! I finally got around to doing a week with the River Island V.M (Visual Merchandiser's) department. My have my legs taken some strain this week. If I haven't toned up my thigh's with the running around I don't know what will! It's been a good week and I'm so grateful that I got the chance when apparently not many intern's are taken on, however it was a little freaky going back to interning after working for such a long period at LSM.

The week coincidentally coincided with the Rihanna Launch, no I didn't get to meet her but yes I did get to work along side the collection and launch night which, what a opportunity. I also couldn't have asked for a nicer team to work with, even though there was a lot of pressure and time restraints, everyone was very welcoming and understanding of my new position. Thank you Park House and the surrounding teams!

But, you guessed it. Me being in a store for 4 days straight inevitably was going to end in me buying something, I would of been rude not to purchase anything from the collection! :D Back to work yesterday meant of course, a outfit post was due! Thanks Mr. Junior Watson for some snaps.

Dress   Rihanna for River Island
Boots   River Island
Necklaces   Primark & Topshop
Belt   Topshop
Watch  Vivienne Westwood

Hope all is well and everyones enjoying the Fashion Week craze! 


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Street Rat

It's my last day in Toulouse before I head home in the morning until I return again in October for some more frolicking in the city. Being my last day we've just mucked around the little alley ways and raced on some of the city hire bikes (harder then you'd think when you haven't rode a bike in years), BUT I didn't fall off so all was fine.

It's a lovely petit city and there is some odd creative shops and gorgeous sweetie shops, which we could not figure out what anything was other than marzipan fruit, but I can't help but love them.

Whilst running around alley way's I got some more street style pictures, nothing amazing but just what I wore. It was so hard for me not to burst into song whilst we yomped down the cobbled street's and unfortunately, I didn't resist.. DO YOU HEARRR THE PEOPLE SINGGGG! SINGING THE SONG OF ANGRY MEN!

Shirt H&M
Shorts Topshop
Pumps Customised, New Look
Necklace Limited Edition, Primark
Bag Aldo
Sunglasses Christian Lacroix


Monday, 2 September 2013

The modern P's

I may be away but it's not all play, it's time to start cracking the whip as Summer is nearly over and I still have my project to get under way for my final year at uni (god help me please).

So I'm easing myself back into routine and done another shoot recently. Rather than just uploading the images again,  I fancied playing on InDesign as its been a while, so, here's my take on the modern 50's. (Layout is 8x8 as I'm working in a small sketchbook format)

Hair & Makeup Emma Dowdell
Model Annie Cummings

Thank you so much for your help ladies & credits for products in layout.