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Sunday, 30 September 2012

THE Boots..

Okay, so a few posts ago, I had kittens over several pairs of shoes. Anyway, as it was just my birthday I thought it was about time that I treated myself to those ever so drop dead gorgeous red River Island studded ones.

I was absolutely devastated to find out that they had sold out... No word of a lie, I've rang about 6 different stores just to track a pair down. After being defeated time and time again, today was the last straw when Brighton told me no, and that if they were not online, they would all be gone. I could feel myself becoming savage, and just now I thought I would have a quick Google as, you know, Google tends to always save the day and BOOM!



They only have them in stock... In EVERY size, plus the addition of 10% student discount.

My fingers have never given over my bank details so speedily. I am well and truly one happy girl.

Thanks Asos. You're my best friend, again!


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