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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Close encounters of the furry kind

I opted for a change of location when doing a quick outfit post yesterday. I love our front garden of the beach but there comes a time where sea and stones start to take their toll. So instead, I ended up with concrete and squirrels. 

I bought this Kimono back in September before I did my week with River Island interning, although I don't think its actually made it onto the blog yet.. Life's still crazy and I don't think it's going to change much during this final year but I feel as if I'm starting to take it in my stride more (I have now officially jinxed myself), I've come to a conclusion though. And the show must go on.

I wanted a little kimono so long before finally committing and paying the price I did for this one. Im so glad that I waited as the beading detail and velour leopard pattern are stunning. However, Im not gonna lie, the tassels are a nightmare and have had many moments with a bead avalanche.   

I'm not a black lover and I'm seeing far too much in my wardrobe for my liking, but I think it's suiting my mood for now. I shall not give in entirely and I WILL get away from it. Long live Summer! Viva Colour!!!!


Kimono River Island   Top H&M   Leggings M&S    Boots River Island    Bag   Red Herring

Meet the local resident, I was genuinely afraid. He had this look in his eye as he scampered closer of 'I am going to lunge so hard at you!!' Proper cutie though!


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