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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

1920's Warm up

Today at Uni we had a one day brief task, it consisted of being set era's and creating a photo shoot within hours and presenting the final images. We we're paired up, one the photographer, one the model. I was the model for Lily and we had the 20's. Instantly we knew we wanted to do the iconic 'flapper' style, we knew someone with a vintage flapper dress, I bought a little black wig and we borrowed some shoes.

I woke up and did my make-up as '20s' as I could manage, with the elongated eyebrows and rounded matt red lips. I had previously found some locations in Worthing that we could possibly use, ideal for what we wanted to create.

possible locations:

We had such a good time creating our test shots for after christmas, Lily was amazing and we worked excellently together throughout the day and our final shots we presented are below.

All for now,   take care

B x

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