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Friday, 9 December 2011

A night at the department store

Sunday 4th December 2011, NEC Birmingham

It's that time of year again where kayos erupts in Birmingham in the form of Fashion, dance and a all over extravaganza! 

I went along and actually made it this year, I had tickets for last December but due to the crazy weather I physically could not get there alive.  So I made it, along with my sister and I hate to say I was a little disappointed in comparison to the previous years that I had gone. The media has done it again, over commercialised a event that now every Tom, Dick and Harry run's too.  However there was a few good bargains to grab and I managed to source a couple of christmas presents, always a bonus!  Again there was the stars of Hollyoaks and 'TOWIE', wonderful. Still I cant escape it!!!!  Im glad I didnt pay out for a platinum ticket this time, the only truly worthwhile part was the Fashion/Dance show. I LOVED IT, and even with my standard tickets, we had a pretty decent view. Unfortunately I didn't take my Canon SLR with me, but my little compact did a standard job. (see below)

George Lamb, Jade (winner of BiNTM 2011) and Grace Woodward.
The Risk

My favourite shot from the show


I would certainly pay time and time again to see these talented people do there thing and strut there stuff. The choreography, visual displays and styling was just amazing. Such an inspiring thing to watch... now to just get involved!
For anyone interested, don't let my opinion of the kayos put you off, if you havent done it before, it really is worth it for £20 odd quid, but if your down south like me, hit the London show in the Summer. Its near enough the same, and the shows are JUST as awesome! 

All for now, take care guys and girls 

B x

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