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Sunday, 18 December 2011

ASOS Fashion Forecast Shoot

For Christmas, I came back home from Uni and spent some time catching up with my old Textiles teacher from my 6th Form. In the course of conversation she was telling me how she wanted to try and 'gee' up the year 12 &13's whilst dragging them through the theory work, having been there, in hindsight, I would of loved a bit of fun like this.   So being a true fashionista, she turned retail for an idea. She received, like many of us, a email from ASOS with seasonal goodies and forecast's of what we 'must' purchase for the new season. 

So, seeing what the trend predictions were for the upcoming seasons she created a styling task, using only what the girls had at home already. There was Heritage, Cowboys and Indians, Colour, Wild, 60's, Fetish and Boy meets Girl. All a bit of fun with Claudia, the teacher also getting involved. 

So once the girls having been set their style a few weeks previously I opted to go in and take a couple of pictures for them so it wasn't a lost cause, and a way to promote the subject in the school to lower year groups, to show how diverse we are up in Textiles.      It was all good fun, some of the girls didn't really get into it as some of the others, but I loved it. It was great to work with different types of people and just to communicate with others that have never done anything like it, it was a learning curve for us all. Everyone was wonderful. My sister even came along to do some makeup and hair on a few of the girls that wanted it, check 'Wild's makeup and the '60s' beehive!!!


Makeup artist:

Cowboys and Indians





All the girls and Claudia

So, overall it was a good couple of hours, running around the school and trying to find different and varied locations for all the looks. Was fun and challenging. Hope you like the photo's and the girl's takes on what they think the next big things will be!!!

Take Care 
B x

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