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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Louboutin's 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection

He carries on to be phenomenal time after time and after dedicating his life to our soles with complete soul himself, the time came to release his 20th Anniversary collection, which may I say, is as beautiful as ever and something certainly worth celebrating. The bags and shoes are still rolling out in all their glory and the excitement that fills me, as well as the burning desire to own more, yet now I can pull out my own copy of his book, and reminisce on that November afternoon I met him...

Artemis Paris

 A shoulder strap that could potentially take your eye out, but I have always said looking good does sometimes come at a painful cost.   With a mini Eiffel tower centred on the strap along with the Louvre and other monuments/land marks of Louboutin's home and epicentre of Fashion itself.  

Artemis Plumes
There is nothing better than splashing with colour when it comes to Spring and Summer clothes/accessories. This crocodile skin effect shoulder clutch is just that, with the elongated feathers to one side and bold colours together is a striking bird of paradise. 

Artemis Shoemania
I think it is safe to say, this is much more subtle sophistication. The placement of the gather ruffles is beautiful, especially with his signature red, but with the classy rectangular black clutch, it isn't all crazy, but classy and fun. 

The Troisronds
To sit her and Blog about Loubie but only show bags is Taboo. So, here they are....Red on red, The Troisronds. I would love to slip my feet into these beauties, with the supporting platform and delicate ankle strap, I couldn't possibly go into Summer without them! (Unfortunately, it is probably more than likely that I will..But still!) Stunning to say the least. 

Keeping faithful as always.

B x

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