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Monday, 13 February 2012

Tk maxx

There are times where the TK maxx chain is full of trashy trollop to be quite honest. But at the same time, I must give it it's due... They do have some bloody good bargains at points.
Several times in the past I have stumbled across magnificent bargains that are screaming at me to buy then! And well, you know... Would be rude not to!

Today I was at the Thurrock store and I discovered their vast Gold label collection, Galliano and the like. Some things, well they were still trash but then I saw them. It was love.
A Jean Paul Gaultier orange vest top.. Originally £650... I paid £79.00! And thn a Moschino top, originally £120, I paid £35. I'm sorry but it was just too amazing! Pictures are below, not the best but I'm sure you'll see them styled up soon

TK Maxx, keep doing you thang

B x

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