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Friday, 11 May 2012

A London Love affair

It was just another day, continuing my love affair, I’m not ashamed nor am I in the wrong. It’s just one of those things that your partner willing accepts knowing nothing more will come of it, just a unhealthy fixation.

From the classy patent peeps to a dark fetish feline, I couldn’t help but let my inner naughtiness thrive with every step I took in the wrong direction to Loubi heaven. A place of breaking boundaries; pushing normality and well, clicking excitedly towards a shoe-seum situated on the edge of the brisk rain stricken Thames.

With anticipation building, we climbed up to the first floor, passing Louboutin’s hanging in trapezes, suspended shoes circulating, enticing and intriguing all those around. From the process of construction to final extravagant shoe, you are taken on a carousel from beginning to end.  On entering the signature red was greeting us on shoe blocks hanging high up to the ceiling opposite to an introduction in text.

The dimly lit rooms entwined like a maze, following it round with silhouettes of shoes projected onto the walls. Every little detail had been considered, to the screw heads of the stands, encrusted with a wooden red sole. Temptation to touch was far too much, yet I resisted due to the distraction of the holographic burlesque woman situated on the centre stage surrounded with shoes in shell spotlights projecting price and posture across every wall.

Christian loves to experiment, whether it’s using bark for boots or mackerel for slip on’s. A personal favourite for me are his Goatskin Puck boots (2011-2012). The curled up winkle toe point, crisp white fur with, obviously, the signature red lacquered sole. Such a soft touch and a platform to teeter on, it amazes me how Monsieur Louboutin manages to brainwash us women into the obscenity of the height of such contraptions. I sound like I’m complaining, but give me these any day and I shall be the happiest girl alive. The feeling when wearing such shoes is ‘fruity’ to say the least, with a cheeky and sexy feeling no one can take you down.

The 2007 fetish corner was lurking at the back of the room, lingering behind the black curtain, hiding away from the initial glance, similarly hidden like a individuals inner sin’s. Waiting to be drawn out and played with. Partial nudity and extravagant designs safely behind dome cases, these designs are not for the faint hearted. Spotlights on and photographs hung, weaving amongst these shoes, it makes your think that the mackerel covered slip on’s are actually a safe bet.  From ballet style point shoes to Siamese connected stiletto’s at the heel, the thought itself is painful to see a way in which you need to morph yourself into them.

As you work your way through the surroundings of the fetish collections your lead through to a recreation of Louboutin’s Paris atelier, with tools used by the genius himself, pattern pieces and cut leather with a compass point down along with his work. Louboutin barbies, creative chaos and pictures from his artistic work, along with his personal trapeze and mini trampoline, which apparently Christian Louboutin may sometimes take a little bounce on whilst searching for inspiration.

With holograms, show reels, timelines and replica places related to Christian Louboutin the retrospect, I say this being biased, is phenomenal, especially for a small cost (£9-£11). The only negative to the retrospect really is that there is nothing free at the end; a complimentary pair would have been excellent. But in the mean time, I shall continue this love affair as an inspirational, guilty pleasure but nothing more that. 

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