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Saturday, 26 May 2012

A evening with Christian and Paula

It's when your in the presence of a god that the worlds hustle and bustle, especially on a warm summers evening in london, drops a few decibels, leaving your undivided attention left on the sole importance.

As the cameras began to roll and the audience shuffled excitedly, sipping on the mini mo√ęt they'd been greeted with and the surprise of a free Grazia. It certainly started off on the right foot.

Then he appeared, dressed immaculately, and of course in a pair of his own design, he's cheeky smiled warmed the room (not that it needed it) and microphones were attached.

Paula smiled and settled, free of nerves it seemed and with her black rimmed glasses, immediately enhancing her intelligence and took control of what I imagine to be a highly nerve-racking moment of her career. But the friendly chit chat began, having previously met Christian at his Paris apartment, she showed no sign of nerves and spoke first of his childhood, his young fascination with his local museum and as he grew older the show girls.. Birds of paradise in his life. Elongated and elegant. He wanted to adorn the species that dances before him.

And so the genius we know today was born. Working with designers for a few years, Louboutin later decided he no longer wanted to work for others, so obviously there was just one option for such a talented young man. Garden landscaping.

Who would have knew.. And it was all because of Christians fascination with one lamp that a friend told him to start designing again and create his own line. This friend... God number 2.

After the gentle chat subsided and time had flown by, questions were opened to the floor and we all began to fidget and squirm as God's eye was turned out to us, the cheeky grin and soft gaze fell to a woman just in front of me first. A question came to light of if he would ever collaborate? And surprise surprise, H&M have already approached and asked the genius themselves. To which Christian decline respectfully. He does not believe such quality can be achieved with limited cost and resources and does not want to neglect his designs! This I am glad of, he does not need to fall into the mass flooded market of the high street.

Next was the acknowledgement of would he further his talents to a clothing range, but modesty acknowledged the fact his skills laid solely within the foot department and he would stick to what he knows.

Finally, we all chuckled with Christian's story of being approached for a fragrance line, he specifically said no yet was pursued for some time, until one day, his final retort was 'okay, on one condition... I call it fungi'!!!! From that day, he has he left alone!!

It was such a lovely few hours of friendly chat and enlightening us into such a astounding persons life. When leaving, we walked along the river and across the bridge in the evenings warm rays of early summer sun.

I will now recall this night as our second meeting. It wont be long now until Christian realises I AM his muse.

B x


  1. I was also there! I was the girl that asked the questions regarding a reay to wrar collection.

    Loves reading your description if the night. My version is more hectic and excited. Well done!!

    Visit my blog to see my not so cool side of the story: www.chouquette.co.uk xx

  2. Ready to wear* im getting all excited again!

  3. Just read your's, absolutely loved it. Sounds like we have a lot in common!! :) x