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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Destination: Wardrobe Domination..

So as you may know from a previous post or two I am currently interning and doing my bit in the ACTUAL world of fashion. So much has been going on that it's only a few days each week but still, I am loving it. And to help raise the profile of E-Closet, which, fingers crossed, this week the website will be launching, I am uploading one of the many blogs I have been writing for the company..

So here it is.. Enjoy!!

I am probably the worst culprit to write such a post to you all, hoarder should be my middle name. I find it impossible and positively crazy at the thought of throwing items out. To me it’s like when I go shopping and the sales are on, it makes me mad, to see how the clothes are thrown around and thumbed over so easily.    But, in recent weeks I have come to the conclusion that these sometimes-negative atmospheres are actually best to take control of and start again!

It’s a cycle of happiness this way. Buy, wear, sort, sell... Buy! Who could ask for a better way to treat clothes, renewing their home and replenishing our fetishes. Win, Win situation I think.

First of all, we take it slowly as to not overwhelm ourselves and back out of this mini declutter marathon. So, grab a cup of tea, bin bag and a stall. Now. Open the doors to Narnia...

1. Begin sifting through the rails or draws and looking for things that make you stop and ask yourself “Where did that come from?”, “I forgot I had this”, “What was I thinking?”. These are signs of a definite time to go item. 2. Next step, is it worthy of a new home? If so place it in a little neat pile on your bed. 3. Or is it totally unworthy? A little shabby, thread bear, then chuck it straight in that bin bag and don’t look back.  OR! There is a third option, can it be up-cycled? Chop the sleeves off, add some beautiful buttons, open your mind and allow in other possibilities. Now create a third pile or place it with the first... the re-sellers.

Us at E-Closet will accept all things in good condition. It is all beautiful to us and we want to help you close that blustery Narnia and create our own, controlled walk in fashion portal, helping re-house those once loved items.

Take it slowly if you need to, and like me, cannot part with a lot in one big sweep. Break it down over a few days, do it just before going to bed or first thing in the morning. Make it a regular occurrence.  Make a date in your diary for a ‘once a month clear out’. Keeping on top of it all will make your life a lot easier and hopefully bring you in a little extra money, what more could you ask for.

So go and sort tonight! Take them first steps to a cleaner, lighter and brighter wardrobe allowing you to see your clothes again for the first time and chuck away those ones that are no longer loved by you. They deserve better after all.

Good luck, we look forward to opening our arms to your items!

 So keep your eye's peeled and start hunting through your wardrobes as E-Closet is coming your way guys n girls!!

B x

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