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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Have yourself a very merry/yellow Christmas!!

Christmas is coming, with being just over a month away things are are starting to get bright and sparkly! When I was in London the other weekend, the street lights weren't yet about.. But gradually creeping nearer to swarm the night sky like a ten million fire flies....

Anyway, Selfridges was there. Already adorned in its brilliantly vibrant, Pantone 109 yellow, ribbons. All VERY exciting. I love Selfridges windows.. The front is so vast, between each one it's like a guessing game. And then you get to the end, and turn the corner just for the last few!!! This year. Oh god, they're after my own heart, gigantic sleigh sized stilettos, they aren't Louboutins but still they are amazing.

The smallest of details are taken into account, from the tiny train tracks laid amongst the havoc of gifts to the little wooden draws sliding open and closed on mechanical hinges. Tiny glistening reindeers lined up to the stacks of red upholstered stools.

The beauty about Selfridges is that it doesn't just stop at the enticing windows, once you enter the walls I continues to amaze you. From the current displays of designer 'pudsey bears', that may I add, the Burberry one is adorable, to my favourite area of the shoe apartments. Even the enormity of the escalators overwhelm you.

There's a few photos, with a fair bit of glare, my apologies. So you must go and see it all for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Ps, thanks to the security man that let me take some photos and stepped aside for them! x

Santa's new ride!

Burberry Bear! Too cute.


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  1. Those are some pretty great displays, and those bears are super cute!