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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

KG, Kurts killing me Gently..

London is a place that will always hold secrets in every little corner, it's only recently that my subconscious became conscious as it drew me in rapidly to Kurt Geiger in Covent Garden.. Aladdin's cave for any shoe addict like myself.

I've only ever graced the entrance of the store due to my skittish excited tendencies around all things beautiful but this day. This day I descended the huge staircase into a mirrored wonderland.

Nearly every angle was a mirrored wall, which at first I thought a assistant walked clean through a wall, yet you turn the corner and, WOW. The layout is just beautiful, there's not many other ways you could present such beauties so well. Even the accessories on their tiered cushion pedestals, every little detail was clearly planned.

Cutest little bracelets ever! I really want the bottom one...

Somehow I restrained myself.. Like never before! I left empty handed, yet it haunted me all day and night. If you haven't visited the Covent Garden store, you really must. I know it's been there ages but... I love it!


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