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Saturday, 23 February 2013

LWFE, Somerset House

This year I decided to hit Somerset House for London Fashion Weekend again, Im sad to say I was actually a bit disappointed.

Im not sure what it was, I was pretty exhausted to start with, and it started to snow, and we was running a little late. So you can imagine! And being half term. Chaos! However, it wasn't all bad, we half ran to the door and bustled along in the queue to the catwalk tent and as we walked in (pretty much the last to enter) we was asked if we wanted front row seats? ER, YEAH!!! Literally, the first seats on the front row, they we're brilliant.  I had my camera with me of course and was snap happy on the 'frow'. Don't mind me!

After the catwalk, it was a mass scrum to glance over the few pieces of Westwood, Cavalli, Valentino and the likes. It was painful to move and even more painful when all you wanted to do was get out of a room!! Anyway, enough moaning... Instead I'll share my pictures of the catwalk and the treasures I saw amongst the crowds..

Twenty8Twelve S/S13

 Jumpsuit must have, especially the back detail on this one!

I do love a bit of Orange! 

Summer Brights! 

Cutest collection of neons in messenger format.

Orange again... I can't help it! 

Nude toes, yet these detailed peep toes are anything but boring! 

The most amazing leather gloves ever, Nail art eat your heart out! 

A beautiful assortment of colour on a snowy February morning

Sorry for such a image heavy post but, these pictures make the day seem a lot better then what I thought of it. So lets start doing the rain sun dance and bring on the Summer days to get fruity and fun! I cannot wait to bag my jumpers up. Come at me Summer 2013.



  1. Love the neon messengers!

  2. Great photos!

    xo Jennifer