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Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I did it again. I went shopping. Is there a rehab for this deadly addiction? Cos i need to know to avoid it later in life! Hehehe

To be fair it was a matter of life and death that I graced Lakeside, Thurrock last night. With still no dress and only a weekend to go I NEEDED to find one or all modest would be out the window when I roll up to a wedding naked... + my Carv's. And we all know I'm against this nudism thing.. Anyway so yeah. WOO I FINALLY GOT A DRESSSSS!

However, I'm not showing until I actually wear it to the wedding so you'll have to wait! But it is from Zara.. And I feel a bit Kim Karsashian in it! Here's a little peek at the colours but that's all :)

In other news.. I also got some other bits which one I've been thinking about for literally ages (no joke, atleast since Feb) and the others welllll, they're only Primark and once I saw them I just got too excited, you know how it is!

So here ya go! :)

Zara £19.99

Popart time!! Primark
Skirt £8.00

Hope your all well and Heyyyy! To my new followers, thank you for joining me in all my craziness xx


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