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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Power Pants!

I absolutely love a pair of Palazzo pants, I only had one pair until very recently when I decided enough was enough and I would literally die if I didn't get another pair pronto (obvs not). So the search began... I wanted high waisted, wideeeee legs and plain. Not much to ask for I didn't think?

It wasn't the easiest of searches, I'm not gonna lie, however, the pair that I did find.. Yay for me! I love them. Good old Asos saved the day and only for £22.00. Bargain. 

Of course they needed a little debut (after alot of steam ironing) and what better place then at work! 

Here's my new power panties.. And I still want to invest in more! POWER TO THE PALAZZO!

Crop top Topshop
Necklace ebay 
Palazzo's Asos 

(Needed a little cover up at half 7 when I left for work as it was a bit nippy!)

Anyone else palazzo'n up?

If not... You must!  Plain black ones are my next! 


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