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Monday, 9 December 2013

Clutch Craving

I am not lying when I say I have been wanting a statement portfolio clutch bag FOREVER.

And this isn't a jolly post of me going, And I finally have found the perfect one! No, this is me saying, I still need and want one in my life badly, and that I handed in my first final project at Uni today so I am deserving this little break of trawling the internet in hope I find the perfect answer.

I've found a few close contenders, but Nothing is hitting all my buttons, other than a few beautiful yet painfully price ones.

Black Asos Leather Clutch £45
Blue/White Maxi Clutch £97
Red Clutch, flat clasp fastening £19.99
Oversized envelope clutch, black £39
Asos Leather & Felt clutch, £45.00

Two-tone Leather Clutch, Victoria Beckham £425

Santa, If you see this, please work your magic. I've been so good this year. Promise. If anyone else has seen some beauties out there, link me up!!!!!


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