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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lady In Red

As you'll know, it's final year craziness in my life at the moment. As part of a Competition unit we have had to undergo to build portfolio work and give us opportunities to meet industry standards. I have now successfully completed two Competition briefs with one still to go.  

My latest entry was for Harrods Star of tomorrow; Stylist.  With the deadline being Monday I feel like I can finally share with you my hard work. Im not going to lie, I stressed big time as I was so determined to do well and I did have a mini melt down and decided to reshoot, so I really do have to thank the patience of my model and makeup artist for sticking with me and letting me achieve what I did.

I adopted the theme of Lady in Red as it is rapidly becoming the new black and I kept seeing things online regarding the colour shift that inspired me. It's a striking colour and I think everyone can channel it one way or another. 

As the competition is directed at styling, I wanted to ensure the presentation of my final layout was also stylistically good. I decided to post it to the BFC offices at Somerset House rather than pinging it across in a email. With the dedicated support of my Mum she helped me get together all the pieces that I needed to make it the best I possibly could, whilst also stopping me from going completely insane and supplying a steady stream of tea.

So here it is. I hope you like it! Fingers crossed.. 

Styling, Photography & Layout Beth Dowdell
MUA Emma Dowdell
Model Chanel Shayler


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