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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Festival Fancies

So, this bank holiday weekend I went to Cheshire for a festival called Creamfields.. Many may say that when camping in a field, knee deep in mud, its not about being fashionable, or so my boyfriend told me when I was packing my 4th bag for the 3 days, however. I disagree.... as will many. Festivals are fashion.

River Island laced wellies. Saviours of the weekend!

Anyway, while I was there, lots caught my eye, including these three girls..

Even after a night in the damp muddy fields of cheshire, still looking awesome.

All graced with the comfort of Hunters to protect against the squelching mud, trampled by thousands these girls were dressed from head to toe in fashionista favourites. Due to excessive noise levels I couldn't chat with the girls much about what they wore but I could spot my favourite pieces a mile off. 
Summary of pro's and con's of each girl:
Girl on the left: Loving the whole outfit, knitted crop baggy jumper with the high waist orange/red shorts work great with the wellies, keeping it casual but she effortlessly added a little glam by tying in the colour of the bag with her knitwear and the bling on the glasses keeping the overall look fresh. Love it! 
Middle girl: Same hunters as before but this time the smallest of the ladies teamed hers up with a small floral printed playsuit, nothing to amazing but it pretty. However, for me, her show stopped was the  tassel knitted waistcoat. It looked as though it might have been a Topshop buy but this young lady pulled it off! If only she hadn't used the pink velvet should bag..
Girl on the Right: Impractical? Hell no, she just loves to look good. For starters I understand her need of the wellies, hunters again and the 70's style straw hat as a must due to two days of unwashed hair. She really did consider it all. I loved the shiny high waisted hot pants but not necessarily for the festival itself, but the sheer black embellished kimono jacket looked amazing with all the lighting in the festival.    
I really would say these girls had it all, they wore it all amazingly well and stuck it out like the best of us!

Keep it feisty you felines 

photo by Beth Dowdell...       Creamfields, 2011

B x

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