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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Far from Fashion..

They say dogs have become a fashion statement, whether its guys with a pup to get the attention of the ladies or if it is the ladies themselves with a little pup in a Louis Vuitton bag over the crook of her arm.. However, this isn't that..

Last week a friend asked me a favour, to capture her dogs and their little brothers for christmas canvas' as presents... before thinking into this further I said yes, to be fair, they are pretty cute, they being Louis, Oscar, Alfie and Buddy. For starters I was working with stars, Louis and Oscar inspired their owner to open a tearooms along side her salon in my local home town (Spa Cottage and Louis and Oscars, Billericay) So yesterday I set to the challenge and quickly it came to my why the saying 'never to work with animals or children' is so widely spread. 

As adorable little fluff balls they are, they are so energetic and self determined. We did two shoots due to the boys loosing concentration, but the end result we managed to shoot a good few frames, which in turn Ruth was more than happy. Here's a couple to have a look at.. Enjoy 



Brothers, Alfie & Buddy


Louis, Oscar & Buddy

Cute really.....

B x

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