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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Westfields Windows..

Finally I made it down to Westfields at Stratford during my reading week back home. I combined by trip to london with a visit to the V&A Postmodernism exhibition (review to come at a later date!), lunch in a little family run Italian and finally the pitstop to Westfield's itself.  First of all, What a longggg day!

After buying 3 books at the V&A, carrying them for several hours first the first problem, combine that with trying to shop, general half term busyness and then rush hour. It was a rather stressful afternoon.

Anyway, once me and my mum got to Westfields itself, it just got busier.. However, it is huge! As expected. We only spent a little time there due to the lateness in the day and getting home again, however whilst wandering around and taking in the surroundings we came across a magnificent smoothy bar, yum! I cannot remember, for the life of me, what it was called but it was heaving! It was on the 1st floor, roughly in the middle, outside La senza! So that was a refreshing bonus as by this time I needed hydrating to be able to full power shop!

Whilst glancing around the shopping centre I noticed that on the Ground floor that there were several display windows that were hugely lavish. Whether it was huge ten foot masks or a teaparty styled window with mannequins they were beautiful. I didnt manage to get photo's of them all due to the huge swarms of people buzzing past but they were worth a trip to see on there own!!!!


Till next time, 

B x

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