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Friday, 1 June 2012

Jubilee Junction

All things British are everywhere we turn at the moment, and if you can't beat them... you join them, right?

Once again, I'm sat looking online after seeing the latest offers and money back temptations on quidco.com. So this time, temptations took me to the place of Missguided Fashion (missguided.co.uk), where Patriotism pulsating from my web page, tickling my fancy, but luckily its too late to order for our Jubilee BBQ sunday! My bank is safe for now..

However, let me show you the beauties that caught my eye anyway. First of all, don't judge to early, I do love a little randomness and crazy fashion. Everyone is allowed a little fun sometimes, just don't wear them all at once!

All I can say to these platform monster is Geri from the 90's. Can't guarantee you could wear them for very long but I'd give it a very shot.. The Frenka Union Jack Shoe Boot comes in at £40.99 and is Faux suede with 6" chunky heel to support you with your Jubilee jitters. With limited sizes left, I'm still tempted to grab a pair and wear them in the summer for a funky touch to a simple outfit. 

I saw these Union Jack Denim Shorts earlier this week, and got to placing them in the check out when I quickly thought... I have already bought two pairs of Levi 501 shorts. Do I really need another pair? YES was the answer, well... is now the answer, my conscious took over too soon. And now its too late. However, the Festival's are-a-comin! For £24.99 they may be a late addition to my summer wardrobe. With a frayed edge and small spandex content they'll be mega comfy to wear.

A simple sassy addition to any girls wardrobe, more of a evening dress then the day but either way its lovely. Clean cut, plunging neck line and capped sleeves to give a modest feel to the sexy neck line. A bodycon fit for £25.99 is well worth it. 

The Barsie Suede Bar front slipper is so simple yet elegant they are on the top of my want list. They're not so vibrant that its over powering, yet it might also be a little difficult to team it up with anything else thats red. Who cares. Buy away!!!!!!! 

So now the little devil in your head (me) has tempted you.. click to www.quidco.com then search for Missguided!!

B x

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