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Sunday, 6 January 2013

The first shop of 2013..

With my little bit of Christmas money and a burning desire to go and shop I headed off to Lakeside, Thurrock for a spot of New Year hunting/rummaging in post sale mess and the new season turnout! It was a calm day.. Weirdly considering still being school holidays and all. So I headed right for Zara to begin my search, I've started to conclude that this branch isn't my favourite. I used to love it when Zara started to make a mark in my life but now, I feel my loyalties may lay in other stores! There wasn't much that grabbed me unfortunately. I'll be back!!! (When the new seasons are calling).

After trawling around the whole shopping centre and storing favoured pieces in the back of my mind rather than impulse buying yet again, I returned to H&M and Topshop to spend my pennies. I've had to return a few pieces after buying and getting home to decide that actually in the calm after the storm.. They weren't such good buys!

Not to panic.. I still have stuff to show!!! Woo.
     Here you go then..

Necklace; Kurt Gieger
Shirt; H&M
Top; H&M Belt; New Look
Jeans; H&M Boots; River Island
Watch; Vivienne Westwood
Bracelets; Nominations & a Gift


  1. That shirt is gorgeous on you I tried it on but it just wasn't right for me! Love it xx

    1. Awh! Thank you.. I'm sure you'll find a alternative.. River Island has SO many stripes going on! xx

  2. Really love that striped shirt! Guess I will be heading to H&M on my day off! ;) xx

  3. Nice purchases! Love that striped shirt, it looks good on you! :)


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  4. Black and white stripes are such a huge trend right now! Love this blouse on you <3

    Xo, Kat