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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Collaboration Creations

We often see stores and designers join together to give us something unforgettable, H&M often collaborate with designers. Starting back in 2004 with Karl Lagerfeld, since then other guest designers have included a Stella McCartney collection by Dutch Duo, Viktor and Rolf (2005), Madonna (2007), Roberto Cavalli (2007) and continue to stride forward with the likes of Versace and Marni in 2011.

But it isn't just the high street of H&M dominating each year with another big name... Champagne makers Piper Heidsieck have collaborated with none-other than my man, Christian Louboutin! The exclusive box set includes a bottle of champs and a glass shoe. (2009)

However, a favourite of mine is the Coca Cola collaborations. Limited editions of Coke bottles for all sorts of reasons. Last year when I was in Paris, they caught my eye, displayed in a bus shelter, with none other than the lord, Karl Lagerfeld plastered across them, in 3 different designs.

You really should take a look at all the bottles they do, it's amazing, I always think of a glass coke bottle in a foreign country when on holiday but with these lovelies (http://www.cocacolacollectibles.co.uk/all-bottles.html) not no more! There's more to coke now-a-days.

all for now, just a little entry

B x

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  1. OMG..i want that box!! champagne + shoe glass..HEAVEN ;)
    btw i already asked my mum to try to go and get a couple of those Coke bottles, one for me and for you..let's see if she remembers! x