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Monday, 4 June 2012

"Just Arrived.."

These words will always be the ones that haunt me every time I get a email from Topshop, River Island, Next, Zara.... any. They're all the devil in me and tempt fate to the extreme.

So today, that little Devil is River Island. Boy oh Boy. They do it so well.  Wanna see the temptations so far, your going to anyway!


The Pink Bow Peep toe espadrille's..

     With any luck it will soon stop raining and Summer WILL return to our lives. The pretty yet bright canvas shoe is a simple step to Summer with every little shuffle you take in these. want want want want want want!!!!! £15.00 (BARGAIN)

Black Python Print Print Bikini (top)..

    If I was jet setting this year, this would totally already be bought and in my suitcase. It is SO cute. The frilly detail is excellent for those, like my self, a little light on the chest department. The subtle print and soft blending colours are lovely. Even get away with it with some denim shorts and a cute waist coat for sightseeing!  £20.00

Mid Wash Denim Union Jack Print Waistcoat

    Now this item, I don't think I can keep my bank closed. It is lovely. With tiny cap detail on the raw edge sleeves and union detail on the pocket and one side of the body. Certainly a buy to chuck on in the Summer and during the festival season. Might even try making my own.. Sorry River Island, but I like your style, just not at £35.00.   (pssstttt. there's even matching shorts!!!!!!)

Grey Aztec Print Platform Ankle Boots.

These chunky beasts are probably not the best for the Summer, getting hot feet and all, but in the mean time with this grim cast over we have, I think that these should be bought just to... well. Just because. I love the design and the block heel is great to keep you steady, just that platform at the front opposes the idea. Shame they are £85.00..

I like this new method of mine... Rather then spending any buying everything I really need... okay, want! I shall blog and blog until I feel that the babies are mine. Simple! There's plenty more I could show you, however, by now, I am sure that you're heading there right now..

Go on, see what tempt's you too! There's always something, and we do deserve it after all. www.riverisland.com

B x

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