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Friday, 7 December 2012

Fashion Futures

The first project back to University has been... interesting, to say the least. I have enjoyed it testing myself and using new programmes, it's always good to explore new software and having that sense of achievement when you pull it out the bag!  So it was a Fashion Futures project, where we had to study/research current news and features over our Summer break and then take a lead and predict where we can see a trend emerging in the future.   I focused of technical advances, smart fabrics and the need to cocoon and protect against the environment. It was tricky to get going and creating solid idea's, and even more so backing them up, but I got there in the end and I am actually happy to say that I think I've done okay. So here's my work, I thought you might like to see the finished pieces... Also, IF anyone can help with how to embed a SWF file(?) I'd really appreciate it so you can view the interactive site!!! Would love to hear your comments.

Thank you, take care


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