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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pre Christmas visits..

On Friday I finally got to see two highly anticipated exhibitions. In short, one exceeded all expectations and the other, although highly technical and good.. Slightly disappointing! More from the point of I hadn't heard of half of the films!!

First of all, I went to Somerset house to see the Valentino exhibition. Oh wow. We trekked through the entrance past all the keen skaters to te embankment wing before entering the vast glass doors into the reception. The staff were not too prompt and gradually checked our tickets before we continued through to the timeline of the couturier stencilled onto the walls higher and higher above, it was interesting to see key factors of the establishing brand, from the very beginning to the present day.

Below the factual feature walls were glass cabinets full of varied Valentino artefacts including original invites sent to celebrities, one being Liza Minnelli, to catwalk shows for new collections and personal letters from clients thanking and applauding the master craftsman ship. Other cabinets held photographs with friends and clients along with newspaper clippings of press coverage. All originals and in a little tatty condition, but their was something comforting and intriguing about it.. I loved it. After climbing the spiral glass staircase looking out over the room below and huge butterfly & flower projection the next room was filled with such phenomenal gowns its indescribable.. Truly you need to see it for yourself to appreciate the intricate detail and couturier level techniques. Even to the way the collections were presented with a catwalk centre and chairs laid out facing in with small little plaques with names emblazoned on them, in special reserve for the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Annie Lenox, Liza Minnelli and Kate Moss.

After the excitement and thirsty work of drooling over such stunning work, it was time we had some food and a bottle of wine, so me and the mother set off to pizza express and then the South Bank Christmas market that was so lovely with all the twinkling lights, festive smells and decorations. It was heaving with crowds of people getting into the festive spirit as we whizzed along and off to the V&A for the Hollywood costumes (which there was a lot that I had never heard of!!)

We had our prepaid tickets finally after missing out several times due to the popularity of the exhibition and it was still packed when we finally got in to the designated rooms. The old fashioned movie boards with introductory text and projection methods onto glass screens was so creative. The curative methods were so fun and innovative, with the projection desktops and screens with mini interviews next to chosen pieces such a Sweeney Todd and a CGI talk on Avatar they even used small screens to have character faces on the mannequins to complete the outfit.. Making it much more believable. It really is another must visit just for the experience alone!

Here's a few pictures from our afternoon out and about!

Valentino at The Somerset House

By far, this is my most favourite dress. layers of organza with a lace and embellished dress.

Cutest little Couture bible, item descriptions and glossary of terms, so handy whilst learning about the craft!

Crossing over to South bank 
South Bank Market
Me & Mum at South Bank Market/London Eye

V&A, Hollywood Costumes

The Sweeney Todd section with the projectors emblazoning across the surfaces

And finally, the V&A's sugar rush tree..
Merry Christmas Everyone, hope you've had a lovely few days  

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