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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Party Pieces

Once again, we have officially hit party season. Whether it be the Work Xmas do, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, any kind of Eve, we don't really need a excuse to glam up in December. I decided to look else where at what was on offer this year, not that I really have the need of a beautiful dress, I have my New Year Eve outfit sorted, my best bargain to date (Wait and see it in the New Year post that there will undoubtably be).

So, anyway. I picked Karen Millen (see here) as my little party sampler. And, well. They haven't disappointed, so much variety in styles, cuts and colour you really are spoilt for choice. Due to this, I've picked a top 5 of my favourites. Unfortunately, 4 our black, but my. They certainly are not boring! And even better, they're currently offering Dresses, in association with ELLE. Use code DRESS20.    (Your Welcome :) )

So.. What are we thinking of the line up? Number 1; a strong, structural Art Deco reminiscent satin-stretch pencil dress. The strapless feature gives a beautiful elegant neckline all for just £175. Number 2;  the full-skirt organza and baroque embroidery with cut out design is perfect for the party season with the black and gold ensemble. £235. Number 3; the fast selling, truly stunning metallic gold lace mini-mesh dress is only left in size 6-8. If thats you, get it NOW. I cannot elaborate how much I love this. It's perfect on every level, just the price to pay.. £210. Number 4; for the more 'snazzy' evening this satin bejewelled maxi is encrusted with just the right amount of shimmer, with a above the knee split the easy movement is all you could ask for in this Limited Edition sweetheart. £395. And finally. Number 5; the monochrome party stopper. This is the dress to stop everyone in their tracks and to turn heads. I'm in love. The cut out detail and contrast panelling, incorporated with beaded embellishments, there are no more words than... BUY IT! I can't, so you must. £395, thats all! 

They're plenty more out there to choose from but this is just a taster from me.

So for now, get hunting and enjoy! Let me know if you dabble :)


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