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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

National Knitting Week..

So we're half way through the week of national knitting. It's safe to say that knitting is being well and truly fully embraced this season, all the cosy big knit jumpers are coming out of the woodwork left right and centre. But it isn't all about us getting our purse's out to warm us through.

A few weeks ago I spotted something that made me double take, not always a good thing when your driving round a corner. But it was a normal sized Red Phone box, however, it had a perfectly fitting, slightly sagging due to the torrential rain, tea cosy style jumper! I was pretty amazed, supposedly it was knitted by all local ladies. I wish I got a picture for you to see, however it isn't just happening down here, it's a craze called 'Yarn Bombing'... Yes, yarn bombing. There are some seriously cray things developing. As usual, I've had a little google, also known as guerrilla knitting, and there are some crazy yet extraordinary y-bombing happening...

Pictures are not my own visit: 

My take on the craze is, in short, if it doesn't move, knit something for it.    The knitting started popping up in the Netherlands in 2004 and I think its far from being saturated, its fun, creative and brightening up some pretty dreary days. 

National Knitting Week is all about getting the next generation into the crafts, it is generally related to older generations and dodgy home made knits we try to duck and dive from (look at Ron Weasley..) But, it is pretty awesome being able to make some things by hand like that. Crafts are much on the turn around, just like Vintage, we're in a time where we need to adopt comforts and Cocoon ourselves. I know plenty of people my age that are getting into it, so, get on trend and join in! Buy a book, book a class, watch a youtube video, there's plenty of ways that you can start. http://www.ukhandknitting.com/

I'm even thinking of how I can show my appreciation during this week and the only conclusion I have managed to reach is by buying this...

Personally, I think it truly is the best method of support (it also adds and satisfies my little sheep obsession). Topshop is the target for this purchase at £48. But, don't forget there's 10% student discount, woo!


So, get your knitting needles out and knit me one of them (sheep jumpers).. when you have finished ask for my address and I shall get prizes for the best one... fair deal? ;)

Just remember: in, round, through, off. 

Take care


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