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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Student LockIn, Brighton

Being a student heavy area, Brighton held a student lock in night, 6.30pm - 9pm. It was rather exciting, big queues, students only, hustle and bustle but more importantly stores like H&M, Zara and River Island all had 20% off EVERYTHING. You can imagine the excitement. I went with two of the girls and well.... We spent too much between the 3 of us... BUT we did save.

While we was out and about I was taking in H&M's mannequins, Lana Del Ray mannequins to be precise. The styling of them and some of the products were just so beautiful, especially the earring display. So eye catching.

I also was helping the girls pick out some things to get... Both looking for something simple but different and to impress the Boyfriends at the weekend! Rosie, who was so against the floral skinny ankle length trousers fell in love and was easily persuaded, with a complementing top too! Hannah took a little more persuading with a cute burgundy peplum top! Very cute and looked stunning on her. Before that however, I did make her try on a coordinate outfit! It looked so sweet in person and with the right accessories and shoes, perfect for drinks of a evening!!!

Here's some photos, sorry the quality is poor... It was hard to contain myself and capture moments!


(We decided against the collar as it did not fit to the shape of the top nicely)

Coordinate Outfit..

I fell deeply in love with this Zara hat but resisted the painstaking temptation tugging at my deepest desires. I my have to go back for the beauty though. IT'S PERFECT!

All in all... Lock in was great!

Keep shopping :)

B x

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