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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Annie Haak

I've often seen adverts in the back of magazine's, such as Company, for Annie Haak Designs and like what I see. So this time I decided to actually have a look on the website. Such simple and elaborate designs that also have a wide price range depending on each design.

From solid silver, Turquoise stones, disc's on multiple strings of rope and charm bracelet, variety is most certainly there.

Moto Tali Friendship Bracelets - Sterling Silver and leather

One of my favourite's is the Moto Tali Friendship Bracelet, sterling silver and leather at just £35. You can choose from a choice of moto's (love, luck, star or peace) and all in different colours. It is mega cute and everything comes in beautiful gift boxes with additional gift wrap at just £4.50..

The selection of charm bracelets are also mega cute, with elephant charms, tassels and personalised hearts, they are there to be personal and that they are. A variety of prices means that they really are affordable for a range of buyers out there. Personally, I personalised option. The Anna Bella Personalised Silver Heart Charm Bracelet is £66, and that includes the price of engraving on the front. The back is a additional cost which is more than reasonable. I actually love this so much.

Again, it comes in the Annie Haak beautiful packaging.


There are loads more dainty little pieces online, and you really should check them out. Even down to the presentation of the products, laid out on dark grey slate, really shows off the sparkling silver and detail to the products.

I hope you enjoy, from now on. I think I may pay attention to the back of a magazine and their adverts in the future!  Thanks Company! (http://www.company.co.uk/)  :) 


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