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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Clutch Craze on a Saturday night

So once again, I'm sat here, quite easily trying to spend someone else's money. As you do when your avoiding bouncing back to your trusty debit card. A friend was in grave need of a clutch to match her new shoes.. and not just any shoes. A pair of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa 'Skyscraper' Glitter Pump's. They are beautiful. You know that beautiful curve to the Westwood shape and the instantly recognisable golden orb. Both there.

It wasn't exactly hard to find some matches for the shoes, my first find, I think and so did my friend, that it was 'the one'. It was just the cost, a little over the price range for a limited use bag. But. It is fab.

Anya Hindmarch, Midnight Glitter Clutch
Now this really is stunning, is it not? I know the blue's look slightly off, but its hard to judge with photograph lighting. At £331 its probably a risky buy, but that does include the 14kt gold-plated twist lock for secure fastening... Bargain... no?

Rapidly I started to look at the lower price spectrum, and I found this little Dune number a suede and glitter clutch mixm with a small chain handle/strap as well which is always handy for a night out. £65 is a much more reasonable price for a bag that isn't always going to see daylight/the dance floor.

Anyway, here it is.. It's also a closer colour match to the Westwood Shoes. 


Next, my eye on the price lacked a little bit. I'm not totally sure about this Paul Smith clutch, it's glittery and all but, the reverse loses my vote. The addition of the strap is handy and always nice to have but, I just can't make my mind up, so for £195 I don't think I would splash the money on it without seeing it in the flesh. 


There are SO many beautiful bags out there for evening's out, navy glittery things or not. Looking tonight, I have seen hundreds.. okay, slight exaggeration, but so many that I love. 

All of these babies are online at: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/shop?category_id=35&p=4&query=glitter%20clutch    Have a look, it's nearly time to party Christmas party style... which means you need a new bag!!!



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