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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Historical Styling and Fashion Shoot.

Tuesday 10th January, 2012.

Studio Time: 12pm

Model: Alix Stern

Makeup artist: Melissa Robinson

Today I had my first ever studio shoot, and in a nut shell, it was awesome. The research has been going for a while, like I'm sure some of you have seen with previous posts.

A house mate and friend I live with was the ultimate model for what I needed, she has a cute, dainty '20s' style face and slight figure which was perfect for the dress that I had previously bought in Camden (obviously after I had chosen her for the shoot).  So, yesterday, Monday I had a small consultation with my makeup artist for the shoot, Melissa, a second year at Northbrook and discussed what I want to achieve. Bright and early this morning we arrived and began the process of the setting of the hair and applying makeup ready for the 12 o'clock allotted studio time. 

Before going into the studio I had created plans of how I wished the lighting set up to be so I was quickly able to go in and start to shoot once I had the lighting levels correct. We jumped straight into shooting and Alix was amazing, took direction very well, although very little had to be given due to her being photogenic and looking the part. The dress I found and bought was in a large Vintage store in Camden, absolute gold mine for all things vintage, I will definitely return there in the future. 

So below are a few of my favourites, I have photoshopped very slighting to keep them natural, obviously disregarding the sepia tone frames. 

This has certainly been one of the best things since being at University and I cannot wait to get back into the studio and shoot some more.      Now, that lens I've been looking into....... can I now justify the cost..

Hope you like the images and are following your dreams too. Comment, send to friends, spread the love

Thank you!!

Beth x

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