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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Golden Fashion or Trashy Garbage at the Golden Globes

It was another one of those occasions where the world suddenly became obsessed with celebrities, even more so then normally, the red carpet and more importantly, WHAT they we're wearing.

Beautiful dresses from Couture to Made-to-Measure, some of the biggest stars on our screens took to the floor for a ultimate, limelight, dress-a-thon. It was the 2012 Golden Globes. Personally there were some that should not have even bothered, and others that deserved a reward JUST for the dress that they wore.

Elle Macpherson
Elle in a nude Zac Posen strapless gown.
I personally LOVE this, the fitted bodice is beautiful for Elle's fabulous figure and her height balances out the skirt/train to the dress with the frills, with a mermaid-ess look to it. Even the structure of the panels to the dress compliment her 'to die for' body. Big hit.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah in a blue and white Monique Lhuillier gown.
There's something I like about this dress, but at the same time its a little like Marmite. However, I am on the fence about it. I think I like that pattern but, it should be on a different style of dress, on the other hand, I like the style and shape to the dress, but it should be a solid colour? with embellishment? Then I think, well, maybe thats the beautiful thing, changing conventions and breaking the rules, and result in a gown like this.   Put it this way, there is a LOT worse that Sarah. Still... she looks stunning and has a beautiful smile. I still like.

Helen Mirren
 What a beautiful mature woman. Helen looks stunning in this midnight blue gown against her flawless complexion and silvering hair. A subtle option but with the silver on the waist line and ruffled skirt, its just beautiful and well balanced. 
Charlize Theron
 Wearing a nude Cior Couture gown with Vintage Cartier jewellery, how could you go wrong? Well, you can't. A plunging neck like, a thigh high split and a stunning body, Charlize looks stunning with the soft train trailing along behind her, I especially like the hip detail, it could have been without it but I think it certainly makes it look Couture. 

Mila Kunis
For someone as beautiful as Mila Kunis, I was disappointed. I feel she looks wide and not as stunning as she could, a smile could have improved it I guess but, I just don't feel it has the 'red carpet' appeal to it like many others could have. However, to draw on some positives, I do like the tiered skirt and floaty chiffon like material. 
Dianna Agron
This dress is stunning, I love the detail to the top/bodice and the shape to the top edge, however the bottom/skirt I feel makes it a little over the top or frumpy. But the colour and top with the nipped in waist line makes up for it by far!  

Salma Hayek
Okay, so this is bias but Wow. How amazing does Salma look, I loved her before but after seeing her in this heavily embellished custom made Gucci gown... Phenomenal. The little puddle train and the detail/ symmetry to the bodice is amazing, Her figure is truly highlighted and emphasised in this gown. 

Angelina Jolie
I cannot fault the dress, the simple and elegant design with the tight waist and bias cut for the drape, to the small red flash across the collar bone and matching bag is amazing. However, Angelina looks so stiff and to be honest, I've seen my dog look happier.  Totally a killer to the amazing gown

Zooey Deschannel
To go with her amazing personality and her stunning appearance, Deschannel graced the floor in a custom-made Prada gown. The green is on trend and beautiful due to the embellishment fading into the black. Simple yet stunning.

B x

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