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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Emma Dowdell; Hair & Make-up Artist

The circle of people I'm surrounded with varies vastly, I have a dad in Retail, a mum thats a teacher, a boyfriend studying aeronautical engineering, friends studying Design, Law, Pharmaceuticals, English and god knows what else and then a sister that is a Professional Makeup Artist. Trained at Brushstroke, Pinewood and Shepperton Studio's (http://www.pinewoodgroup.com/)  Em is now in the real world and a freelance Makeup Artist. Since the beginning I have been a Guinea Pig for her and well, she is phenomenal, and no, I am not just being biased. Wait and see..

The reason I'm blogging about Em is because this year I hope she can finally kick start and filter into the industry she most desires to be within, along with my hope to blog about people that I believe are up-and-coming and well, I've been a barbie again recently. 
Lips is her obsession at the present moment, Jessie J inspired! When we went to the clothes show together she discovered the lip transfers and promptly bought 20 sets! 
The transfers are pretty amazing, not the easiest things in the world to cut out perfectly to the lip shape but I sure its something that comes with practice! And so.... I shall be having lots of stained lips. Transfers can be found online, above pink leopard print at: http://www.temporaryliptattoos.co.uk/)

Many times Emma has also helped me out with makeup too, for building my University entry portfolio and even distressing my actress in my A Level film project. Fashion, Fx, Character and Weddings are her thing and all can be found at www.emmadowdell.co.uk

For now, Some examples...


Please take the time to look at her website, 
Make up lessons, Eye lash extensions and more available!


B x

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