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Monday, 30 January 2012

Winehouse in the Couture House..

Fashion weeks have oozed out of the Couture Houses for a very long time and over the past few years we have seen designers embellish catwalks with elegance, grace, edge and outright craziness. 

Watching from the side lines, you can see the final stunning out comes, media coverage and even the controversial and possible legal battle grounds. This has especially been brought to my attention with genius, Jean Paul Gaultier and his Amy Winehouse Tribute collection at Paris Fashion week. Gaultier is defined for paying tribute and collaborating with Madonna, most famously with the iconic Cone Bra. However, the tribute collection to the, still pretty recently, deceased was not taken lightly by Amy's farther. Tweeting the day after the collection was shown "We don't support the Jean Paul Gaultier collection, It's in bad taste".

In my own opinion, from some who clearly didn't know the singer personally, I think the collection was pretty wonderful. Although he has been inspired by her style and life, he kept true to some of his key signatures and I think this balances out perfectly. He isn't "cashing in" on her name, because lets face it.. The majority of fans of Amy Winehouse could never afford to go out and buy a item like his off the catwalk because they cannot afford it. However, if designs start popping up in New Look, River Island and Topshop with a reference to the late singer, like there are tops of The Beatles or Monroe, I highly doubt that her father would respond in the same way. 

Kelly Osbourne was said to also express her feelings towards the collection on twitter too, stating that she found it "lucratively selfish and distasteful".

Enough of the 'bad mouthing' of Gaultier's collection. The time and thought that must have gone into these masterpieces, I still find, absolutely amazing...

It's not all about Winehouse, I don't see much of her reflecting in this silhouette and style. 
Gaultier's signature corset and layered hip panels, stunning, supported by a crazy sky high bee-hive
The controversial model that caused more of the anger amongst loved ones. A model on the catwalk smoking, showing Winehouse "when she was not at her best". 
A personal favourite, the craft that has gone into this garment is stunning.

Although family and friends have not taken kindly to Gaultier's collection, this is how the majority of the public and her fans will probably remember Amy Winehouse, it is sad to say that they may not remember her at her best. However, if they we're not on a personal level with the singer, it is the families job to remember her as they wish to. RIP Amy,     and Congratulations to Gaultier.  

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