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Sunday, 1 January 2012

ELLE February 2012

The time has come where we begin to consult our magazines, catwalks, viral videos and the likes of the upcoming seasons fashion! Although it's still not snowed here in drizzly England, I still have sat and pondered over the forthcoming Spring/Summer collections of 2012. Colour, patterns and generally bold statements being made yet again. It all came to me through flicking through February's instalment of ELLE.

Listed 1 to 10 we got it broken down into the top looks for the season to come:
No.1. Viva colour
No.2. Fresh
No.3. Futurismo
No.4. Sport Revolution
No.5. Haute craft
No.6. Jazz age
No.7. Print extra
No.8. Mid-Century Modern
No.9. Ultragirl
No.10. Mash-up
So, my call on top picks consist of viva colour (perfect for coming out of the gloomy winter, sooner the better in my eyes), haute craft (amazing embellishments, cuts and symmetry) , jazz age (purely for the fact of my 20s research at the present moments captures my attention on the revived decade!), print extra (basically because it's fun, flamboyant and again 'jazzing it up' for the summer!!!), and finally ultra girl (for a sugary indulgence into feminism). Don't get me wrong, the rest are not bad, all also beautiful in their own rights just my personal preference. The look 10, Mash-up, has never been a favourite of mine, knits and leather should be kept apart for a reason!


Next, a few gorgeous pieces that also caught my eye on the styled pages! First up the white blazer with black trim, an Armani piece that is priceless ad once again on my wish list. So simple yet stylish for any woman and multiple outfits!
Then, there's the embellished Cavalli skirt and short jacket. Absolutely stunning to say the least, the craftsmanship involved in the two pieces is phenomenal, along with the print that is revealed in the pleated of the skirt, gorgeous for warmer evenings for a nice night out.
Again I hit my 1920's new found fondness, this time by Gucci, a take on a traditional flapper, revolutionised into a modern day take. From the hips to just above the knee beautiful gold black threads acting as the tassels to swing with the slightest movement. Symmetrical lines, a little less Deco than the traditional style.
Then there was McQueen, Lee Alexander may not be with us but his style has stayed loyal with Sarah Burtons soft pastel pink feathers and lace puffy layered skirt and cut away fitted top. Another design verging in garish but still I love the style for the fact of it being his name.

I suggest you get out there and buy your copy, it's time I re-subscribe and continue with the updates. I cannot wait for the blossoming season that is spring!

Enjoy, I know I will

All for now, thankyou
B x

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