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Friday, 27 January 2012

Current top websites...

Over the last few weeks and days especially I have been spending so much time online and in books research a vast amount of different things, whether its still 20's focused or more into current trends and fashion or street styles.  While doing so I have stumbled over several things that have caught my eye and thought they would be worth sharing. There isn't much of a link between them but I just have seen them and thought, wow. Thats pretty awesome. So I'm passing onto you for you to have a look if you haven't already seen them! 

First up, naked nails are no more. Art is the way forward, even on a tiny little area that chips away and looks crummy after a few days.....


Something else to spend some Student Finance on... Oh no.

Next are some seriously funky leg wear that tempts me far too much but at the same time repels me because I hate to think what my bum would look like in some of the prints..


Seriously cool patterns and prints, a bit of a steep price for a single pair of leggings but the latex shorts sound very appealing and comfortable! Or is that just me?

From the Fingers, to the legs and now to the Jewellery, the icing on the cake pretty much. I came across this site whilst looking through GQ and hinting not very subtly to my boyfriend for valentines gifts! Anyway, for the price of some of the necklaces I think this brand is so gorgeous and sentimental. I love everything on there, even down to the packaging and gift boxes!!! Every item has its own little meaning. I love sentimental things...

Thats all for now... Hope you've liked all them bits, and I'm sorry if I have passed temptation your way!

B x

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